Navratri Diet Plan For Weight Loss


Navratri Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Today is the fourth Navratra and like every year I am fasting. Actually I fast these nine days every year but this year I thought of doing it little differently. Every time it was evenings full of singhara atta, suhage ke chawal, saboodana khichari, Makhana kheer with aloo ki sabzi and after nine days scales would shout, “5 kg up darling.” I hate it– hate it so much. This time I decided to give clean eating a try during Navratri with Navratri diet plan for weight loss

What is clean eating?

Clean eating is an old concept which involves many benefits like weight Loss, better skin and better energy. Eating clean means eliminating all processed foods and including lots of fruits and vegetables. These are straight from nature- the idea is to stay away from anything that may have been altered in any way.

Since I am fasting thus no meats and grains for me these nine days, otherwise you can have whole meats and grains too.

Navratri Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Between 7- 10 am

A mug full of milk and 6 almonds with a small slice of paneer / an orange.

Between 12 – 2 pm

Big bowl of fruit (more of watermelon or musk melon but no bananas for me).

Navratri Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Between 4 – 6 pm

Tea (two cups) with half a tsp sugar and a slice of paneer.

Between 7- 9 pm

Huge plate full of salad made with carrots, cabbage, steamed cauliflower, tomato and capsicum.

100 gm thick curd with grated cucumber / bottle gourd and rai tadka in half tsp olive oil.

navrati diet plan for weight loss (2)

Between 10 – 11 pm

A cup of milk. (Oh! I hate sugar in milk)

Now if you feel that this is too less— well let me tell you I felt full and happy by the end of the day. I used MFP to calculate calories, and found that it was somewhere between 1000 – 1100 calories which MFP says is less but I think there is no harm in staying low for a few days especially if you are comfortable.

Exercising during Fasting

I had been observing navratri fasting since ages (started my spiritual journey while studying in sixth standard) and never went even for a walk with the excuse of ‘Fasting, Low Energy Level’ but this time I am feeling much more energetic. Every morning I take my dog (My cutie black Labrador baby) for a brisk walk of 40/ 50 mnts and a late night interval session of 1 hour. Oh! Btw did I tell you people my dog too has forgotten his slow relaxed stroll and if sometimes I try to do that he pulls on his leash and forces me to jog. J Awweee!!!! I love my Cherub.


Now here is the trick in feeling full throughout the day…. DRINK, DDRINK, DRINK and DDRRIINNKKKKK…. Well what!!! Navratras are on dear— so nothing else but water water and water…… I make it a point that I drink two glasses full of water every two hours and my moving around the house with a bottle of water in my hand is a common sight for all in the family. 🙂

‘Stay hydrated’ is the mantra. I love to make a glass of lassi with two spoons of curd and a glass of water, it’s a great snack believe me.

Is it Low Carb or Low Fat ?

Well this meal plan is neither very low carb nor low fat… it’s just low calorie with under 100 g carbs and 45 g fat with lots of fiber and calcium.


Just in four days my tummy has gone in and I am 1 kg down. Cheers!!! Jai  Mata DI.  🙂

Try this Navratri Diet Plan For Weight Loss and let us know your experience.


  1. Wow Kanan, u r a rockstar! Will give this a try for 1 week atleast..the only issue is I am out of my house at 07:30 and return by 07:30 pm and travelling in Mumbai is quite hectic…so feel quiet tired easily especially on a fruit or on a low carb diet…..maybe it is just my mind working overtime that i am not eating enought…lol

  2. Its all in the mind babe… I feel bettee outside the house when fasting because u have no options for eating…. keep apple or oranges in ur bag have wen hungry….. fun.

  3. Kanan..fabulous..!

    I went for a juicing plan this Nvaratri and almost dropped a size in clothing..Quite happy about it ..:):)

  4. Kanan ji I love your spirit.. I love people who remain young at heart and are fun loving happy souls.. 🙂
    Happy fasting everyone and Jai mata di..

  5. 1 kg in 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for me festivals mean lots of eating and lots of running and helping my mom

  6. really………. for me it means lots of sweets, lots of dresses and lots of pocket money. lol

  7. Sahiba , Jai Mata Di
    Young at heart people don’t like to be called ‘JI’… lol. 😛 thanks for appreciation.

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