Navratri During COVID-19


Navratri During COVID-19

Top Tips To Stay Healthy (During Lockdown)

Navratri is considered one of the most important festivals among the Hindus. The Chaitra Navratri had begun five days back and as it includes fasting for nine days worshipping the Hindu Goddess Durga. Today being sixth day and taking in view the present scenario, this fast does not seem easy this time.

On one side when people are hoarding groceries it becomes difficult to manage the Navratri special food. Many people even are in doubt whether to practise the fast this time or not. So here we have the top specialists with their take on the management of the fasts amidst the breakdown.

Navratri During COVID-19

Top Tips To Stay Healthy (During Lockdown)

Top Tips To Stay Healthy (During Lockdown)

The first thing that needs to be considered is the immunity. That’s where your entire focus should be. When you starve for longer periods along with dehydration, this makes you more immune to the virus. So if you are thinking of fasting, you need to ensure that you don’t stay hungry for long. Keep having fruits, buttermilk, coconut water in breaks to make the body hydrated because that is the most important thing. Along with this, adequate sleep is a must.

Another opinion is in regard that fasting during Navratri amidst the lockdown is actually a good thing because this is yet another way to boost your immunity which is our prime concern.

Top Tips To Stay Healthy (During Lockdown)

Fasting is simply the other way of building immunity as the body is having gluten free diets which gives our digestive system a break and increases the efficiency. It is considered important to take a break from the fried foods and have something lighter for a change. Enough fiber consumption and hydration is important.

  • Learn to stay hydrated

Hydration is the key element that needs to be focused upon no matter the fasting is on or not. At Least 12 glasses of fluids should be had in a day to provide the necessary hydration. You can start your day with some coconut water, lemon water or fresh juice instead of the regular tea or coffee. Green tea can be a healthier option than the diet coke.

  • Work on your junk munching habits

The habit of munching potato chips should be replaced with peanuts or makhana or may be a piece of fruit.

Covid-19 health tips

  • Focus on the consumption of more antioxidants

Here’s a way in which you can make your food more tasty along with it being healthy.

A pinch of cinnamon can be the best over the fruits and salads. Ajwain, Tulsi and Cinnamon water can result in great health benefits.

Singhara rotis are a great source of fibre and carbohydrates.

Do not forget these….

The main thing that you should keep in mind is that you can continue with Navratri fasting but you should not be starving yourself at any point of day because that can be a wrong step for your health during this time of pandemic. Fibre rich foods, water and more liquids such as buttermilk should be consumed in routine.


Our Take

In this situation of Covid – 19 pandemic, fasting can be a real task but you need to ensure that you take all the above discussed Top tips to stay healthy during lockdown in mind while you plan out your meal for the day. If taken in the right way this can automatically result in boosting your immunity.

Stay home stay healthy and save the nation.

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