New Year Resolutions 2014


Heya Everyone,

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2014 !

May God bless us all! May 2014 bring health, happiness, and prosperity to everyone, Amen!

new year resolution

Forgive me for posting late(as usual 🙁 ) , Sigh ! I took sometime to ponder and re-ponder on my New Year Resolutions 2014 ! People say rules are meant to be broken and resolutions are meant to be forgotten !

Every year I set 5-6 New Year Resolutions out of which I manage to do half (my best). But this time, I want to score a ton ! 100 % fullfillment of my New Year Resolutions 2014 !

Yes I Can to Yes I Did !!! – Completely – no doubts , no regret, no failure ! Yeah !

Speedometer - Yes I Can

Therefore, I took sooooooooooooo much time to carefully choose my New Year Resolutions 2014.

New Year Resolutions 2014

You think its easy to guess ! Well may be it is ! What is expected from a Weight Loss Blogger ??? Lose weight, oooh Yess ! Get in shape, ooooh Yessssssssssssss !


Does it end here ? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !

I firmly believe that there is only 1 difference between a Goal and a Wish ! You may think that a wish may be imaginary whereas Goal is practical ! I would say all imaginary Goals are doable with sheer hard work and determination , so this is not the difference.

A Goal is MEASURABLE ! Forgot the goal setting basics ?  Read them here.

So, here it goes ! My New Year Resolutions 2014 are –

1. Lose 15 kgs of weight/ 10 inches off my waist in 12 months ! I think its doable. What do you think ?

2. Make three people smile everyday ! I have successfully fulfilled 2 smileys everyday this year ! Its a bliss … moksha.. to see people smiling beautifully 🙂 .. all the more if you are 1 tiny reason for that flashing smile !

What are your New Year Resolutions 2014 ?

Share with us ! Together we can !

Loads of Love,



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