‘No Fail’ Keto Diet Tips For Beginners

Is keto diet for long term weight loss?
Since quite some time Keto diet has been a centre of attraction for most of the people all over the world. Every now and then articles are seen based on the “best and worst” diets to follow on internet. Some call it the best but mostly Ketogenic Diet is designated as one of the most difficult diets to do. Today I am going to suggest a few free weight loss diet tips based on ketogenic diet.

I have been on a keto diet for almost two years and can vouch for its abilty to lose weight fast. Many people get turned off from Keto diet because of its complicated way of eating. Though I was too motivated to lose weight at that point of time and that is why may be I was able to control my taste buds all the time. Eating limited portions out of limited choices of food most of the times is the most difficult thing for an Indian foodie, and that is what made me give up on Keto diet after losing around 30 kg weight. (You can read my Keto story here)

No fail Keto diet

Not able to eat satisfying carbohydrates, counting calories, only eating certain foods, not knowing what to eat while going out and having to cook specially for myself, made me give up Keto diet.

Technically it is easy to understand how keto works as you get most of the calories from fat, a moderate amount from protein, and a bit from carbs. The simplest way is to follow this easy breakdown

  • Fat: 70% of total calories
  • Protein: 25% of calories
  • Carbs: 5% of calories

If you are on a 2,000 calories a day, then the intake should be:

  • Fat: 1,400 calories / 156g
  • Protein: 500 calories / 125g
  • Carbs: 100 calories / 25g

Here was the catch. The fat calories were the most difficult for me to handle as that big amount of fat in any form made me get heart palpitations. There were times whenI would gulp on a slice of butter or ghee and then feel pukish. That is where the ketogenic diet gets intimidating for dieters like me. Not only that, even the carb counting was soaking up all my energy.

I was a big non vegetarian fan during those days but now almost a vegan, I cannot even think of doing a Keto diet. If you like non vegetarian food then here is what you need to eat when you want to lose weight on a ‘No Fail’ Keto Diet. 

‘No Fail’ Keto Diet Tips,

If you are a beginner..

  • Stop almost all Carbohydrates

Keto diet tips

The only carbohydrates you need to eat are in the form of vegetables. Your daily carb allowance need to be not more than 25gm. So go big on green leafy vegetables.

  • Eat a nice breakfast with fats included


You need to maintain a balance of fat content in your daily diet if you don’t wish to gulp slices of butter and spoonful of ghee like me at the end of the day. Believe me you will start hating Keto Diet if you do not eat big portion of fats in breakfast. Best way is to get used to two big mugs of Bullet proof Keto coffee in the mornings. Read recipe here…

You can surely add a few boiled eggs with some added butter. The aim is to get minimum one third of fat portion in the morning.

My research on Keto found that to check how much fat you need to eat on ‘No Fail’ Keto Diet Tips For Beginners you need to divide your goal weight by 30, and that is the amount of fat in grams you should have for breakfast.

  • Two handfuls of meat is must

Twice a day, two fists of fatty meat is must. That much meat is generally enough for the required amount of protein per day. The choice of meat may depend on your liking and religious beliefs.

  • Show your love to cheese


The easiest way to add ample fats is to add cheese, olive oil in salad dressing, and nuts in various meals. A serving of handful of cheese, walnuts or almonds will serve the purpose. 

  • Tracking calories is must initially

You might think that you are doing everything perfectly but if you do not track calories in the initial stages of your Keto Diet, you might start gaining weight instead of losing. The easiest way to track your calories is with the help of MyFitnessPal. Remember, if your weight is going down, you are on the right track but if otherwise, then you need to adjust calories.

So if you are ready for weight loss journey, go for the ‘No Fail’ Keto Diet tips by following above mentioned simple rules and free weight loss diet tips