What Is Nordic walking And Why You Must Try It?


What Is Nordic walking And Why You Must Try It

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When I came to know Nordic walking, it surprised me because I wasn’t aware of the fact that walking too had different types! Have you heard of Nordic walking? If not you will learn about I in detail in this post! It is a full body, low impact exercise. Being easy on the joints it is suitable for all age groups and all fitness levels.

nordic walking 1 Nordic walking-what is it?

Nordic walking was originally meant for the summer training of cross-country skiers. Nordic walking involves the usage of walking poles that are specially designed in such a way that they harness the upper body’s power to propel you forward while you walk. It is a well recognized way of turning a simple walk into a complete body exercise and the advantage is that it can be done anywhere and at anytime.

For whom is Nordic walking suitable?

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Nordic walking is suitable for people from different walks of life and different fitness levels. The Nordic walking classes range from gentle walks to workout walks. Gentle walks are meant for people with health issues and workout walks are meant to improve an individual’s fitness, help in weight loss and tone the entire body.

What is needed for Nordic walking?

You will need a pair of Nordic walking poles (They are different from the ones used trekking), a good pair of walking shoes and the right clothing. If you happen to join a Nordic walking class, you will be provided with the poles by the instructor. However, you can also buy them.

Why are poles used and how do they make a difference?

Nordic walking involves the usage of poles because when they are used the right way, they take off the weight from the knees and the joints of the lower body. This helps in making you feel lighter on your feet.

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Nordic walking technique

You need to move in a way similar to regular walking and swing your arms from your shoulders while keeping your elbows straight. You can walk like a marching soldier :P. To get the complete benefits of this walking technique and avoiding injury, it is recommended that you start taking lessons from an instructor to learn the basic technique.

Health benefits of Nordic walking

Just like other moderate-intensity aerobic activities, Nordic walking when done regularly can reduce the risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, asthma and certain cancers. Like any other form of exercise even Nordic walking can be a part of an exercise programme that aims at losing weight.

How hard is Nordic walking in the joint?

Nordic walking is as hard as normal walking is on the joints. It is a low impact activity which is suitable for those people who have pre-existing joint conditions or have an excess body weight to carry around.

How to get started with Nordic walking?

Nordic walking can practically be done in any location be it urban or rural. However, before going ahead with it is essential to learn the right technique from a qualified instructor. When you attend the classes, you are initially given a taster session in which you can make sure that it is something that you can go ahead with and it is something right for you. After learning the technique you can join local groups for regular walks.

Will you try Nordic walking?

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