Normal Testosterone Levels In Men By Age


Testosterone Levels In Men By AgeNormal Testosterone Levels In Men By Age

You all know  the male hormone that is the reason behind the stubble you have every other day, and gave you your deep voice while you were growing up. Yes, I am talking about Testosterone. All guys have it ( and even woman have a tiny amount), but did you know that your body should have certain levels of Testosterone at different stages of life?

As a guy, you will have a varied amount of Testosterone at every age. And any time the amount is excess, or less than the normal amount you might face health issues. All men should ask themselves, are my testosterone levels normal? But when you do ask yourself this, you should also know what exactly is normal.

The guide to normal Testosterone levels in men

(calculated as ng/dL)

0-5 months- 75-400

6 months-9 years- <7-20

10 years-11 years- <7-130

12-13 years- <7-800

14 years- <7-1,200

15- 16 years- 100-1,200

17-18 years- 300-1,200

19 years- 240-950

25-34 years- 270-1,070

There will be a one percent decrease in Testosterone levels every year, after the age of thirty. I know it sounds alarming but it is a perfectly normal thing to happen.

Contrary to belief, a decrease in Testosterone levels does not mean you will start showing any signs of aging. Any signs of aging you notice ( wrinkles, decrease in libido etc) are unrelated to Testosterone levels.

However, there are pointers that indicate the decrease in the male hormone in your body. You might notice a change in the way you sleep, or you may notice that you react to emotional situations differently. Some men experience low confidence levels too. Physical changes most likely to be present are an increase in body fat- specially in the abdomen. Your body muscles will also reduce, and there will be a decrease in your body density.

Why it should matter?

Normal Testosterone Levels In Men

The physical changes that happen due to the decrease in Testosterone will ultimately affect you health wise. Unless it is kept in check, excessive abdominal fat can lead to more severe ( sometimes fatal) problems like heart diseases, and the functionality of the liver and kidney. The risk of metabolic medical conditions like diabetes also increases. No wonder, they say that as you grow older the risk of heart attacks increases. There are so many factors that play into our health. Other problems associated with low Testosterone levels include erectile dysfunction, depression, low bone density, and swift changes in moods.

Men older than 30 should be extra careful about their health, specially if they are already carrying extra weight around their belly.

Is having higher levels of Testosterone harmful too?

Having more than average levels of the male hormone is not necessarily harmful, nor is it significantly beneficial. High Testosterone levels have its pros since it reduces the risk of cardiovascular conditions, and also decreases the risk of obesity.

But according to a few studies, men who have more male hormones also engage in riskier activities that might get them killed, or severely injured ( like driving too rashly, and in some cases crimes too)

A balance

Testosterone Levels In MenWhen Testosterone levels are not normal, they are more likely to be lower. Men will lower than normal Testosterone may need treatments ( which most often includes a combination of dietary and lifestyle changes) But unless it is causing a problem in your normal life, no treatment is usually needed.

Hope you understood all about Normal Testosterone Levels In Men By Age.

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