Nutrition Facts-Amul Cheese Vs Britannia Cheese Vs Paneer(cottage cheese)

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Nutrition Facts-Amul Cheese Vs Britannia Cheese Vs Paneer(cottage cheese)


Today we are going to compare the nutrition facts of processed cheese and paneer (cottage cheese).

Processed cheese-

Processed cheese is made from normal cheese by addition of extra salt, colour, emulsifiers and other additives. The cheese is packaged. Reminds you of Amul and Britannia cheese cubes, slices and spreads, right? Same here! Proceesed cheese has a longer shelf life when compared to unprocessed cheese.

Coming to the nutrition part, the tables below provide the figures for processed cheese. I have taken Amul processed cheese cubes and Britannia cheese slices in consideration.

Amul processed cheese cube

processed cheese nutrition facts



Nutrition chart of Amul proceesed cheese                                                                Net carbs- 0.5 g


Britannia processed cheese slice

Britannia cheese slices


Nutrition chart of Britannia cheese slice 20 g                                                             Net carbs-0.8 g 


Paneer (cottage cheese)-

Paneer nutrition facts

Paneer is a part and parcel of Indian culture. Cottage cheese i.e. paneer is prepared by adding vinegar/lemon juice to hot milk. The whey separates from the milk precipitate on doing so. The precipitate is the paneer which is drained using a thin cloth (preferably muslin). It is wrapped in that cloth and then kept under heavy weight for about 2-3 hours. After which it can be sliced and used in dishes.

Health benefits of paneer

Paneer has no additives and is unprocessed, it has several health benefits:

  • Cottage cheese is a rich source of calcium and also of Vitamin D, thus making it helpful in maintaining the health of teeth and bones.
  • Elderly women and those going through the menopause stage generally suffer from Osteoporosis which is caused due to calcium deficiency. Cottage cheese consumption can prevent this condition.
  • Cottage cheese contains Vitamin B complex that is essential for the formation and strengthening of cartilage.
  • Cottage cheese has cancer preventing properties.
  • Cottage cheese enhances blood formation, strengthens the liver and facilitates absorption of nutrients.

 Coming to the nutrition part, the table below provides the figures for cottage cheese

Nutrition chart of cottage cheese                                                                       Net carbs- 3.38 g    

Source: USDA

Paneer and weight loss

Planning to lose weight? Paneer can actually be a healthy part of your weight loss plan. Cottage cheese is low in calories when compared to other kinds of cheese. You can see for yourself from the nutrition facts tables of processed cheese and cottage cheese. 100 gms of cottage cheese contains only 98 calories. Substituting paneer with processed cheese can lower calorie intake and help in weight loss.

Comparing the nutrition tables

100 g of paneer has 98 calories whereas just one cube of processed Amul cheese has 80 calories and one slice (20 g) of processed Britannia cheese has 62 calories. But the serving size of paneer and cheese is different. One can have 40 grams of paneer at a time or 1 cube of cheese.

The difference between homemade and processed dairy products is majorly the amount of sodium added for preservation.

What is your take – processed cheese or cottage cheese?

My Take – If you wish to lose weight, both paneer and cheese are equally good. In today’s time, we can’t avoid processed food all together. If you can have homemade cheese and paneer, great ! If you can’t have homemade cheese and paneer, go ahead and enjoy amul and britannia or any other regional brand dairy products.  Its better to have them rather than devoiding your body of good food and nutrients we get from them- Tarun

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