Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits Of Zucchini(Turai)


Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits Of Zucchini(Turai)

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Zucchini, belongs to the family of gourd and is a kind of Indian Turai. It is a popular summer vegetable that can be light green to dark green in colour. Widely available in summers, it is a good food to beat the heat.

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 Health Benefits of Zucchini

It is a great vegetable for the calorie conscious. Being incredibly low in calories, zucchini fills your stomach well and you need not worry about the calories consumed. With just a few numbers of calories, this low energy food can be included in your weight loss diet plan pretty easily. Fibre content also helps burn more calories than consumed.

  • Hydrating

If you keep consuming high sodium containing processed foods your body will yearn for water. Just like bottle gourd, zucchini has high water content in it. It will fulfill the body’s water needs and rehydrate the body.

  •  Rich in Vitamin A and C

Zucchini is a rich source of vitamin C. You need vitamin C to prevent diseases like scurvy. Vitamin C being a powerful antioxidant also prevents heart ailments and cancer. The high levels of Vitamins A and C prevent the cholesterol from getting oxidized in the blood vessels, thus it reduces the risk of atherosclerosis (thickening of artery walls). The vitamins A and C are helpful in fighting cancer.

It helps lower cholesterol in the body as zucchini’s has fibre content present in it. The fibre attaches itself with the bile acids produced by the liver for fat digestion. As the fibre mixes with the bile, fat digestion is slowed down that demands the liver to produce more bile. This uses up more cholesterol thus lowering levels of cholesterol in the body.

Zucchini is high in magnesium. One cup provides over 10% of the RDA. Magnesium is known to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Zucchini also contains folic acid, a B vitamin that is needed for the break-down of a dangerous amino acid, homocysteine. Presence of high levels of homocysteine in the blood can cause heart attack and clotting of blood.

  •  Beneficial to diabetics

Zucchini is helpful in preventing type-2 diabetes. The B complex vitamins found in zucchini break down sugar in the presence of zinc and magnesium. Also the fibre content helps regulating the levels of blood sugar.

  •  Lowers blood pressure

Due to the presence of potassium and magnesium in zucchini, the blood pressure levels get lowered in the body. When consumed on a regular basis, people suffering from high blood pressure are benefitted. High BP can result in serious ailments like heart attack, stroke and hardening of blood vessels if left unchecked.

Zucchini being a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory      carotenoids counters the effects of excessive uric acid in the body. Uric acid is the reason behind developing Gout. Gout is a painful inflammation of the joints.

Nutrition facts of Zucchini (Turai)

The table below provides all the nutrition information of zucchini (cooked) 100 g.

Nutrition table Zucchini

Net carbs- 1.69 g

(Source: USDA)

As you can see in the table, zucchini is low in calories. Just 15 calories from 100 g of cooked zucchini! It is low in fat being a vegetable. Total carbs are just 2.69 g and Fiber 1 g that makes it just 2 g Net carbs for 100 g of zucchini. No wonder its favorite of Low Carb Eaters. It has zero cholesterol and is high in potassium.

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Do include zucchini in your diet!

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