Nutrition Facts-Homemade Vs Packaged Amul Butter


Nutrition Facts-Homemade Vs Packaged Amul Butter

Butter is a dairy product obtained by churning milk cream. Butter is consumed everyday by us along with bread or paranthas. Get to know more about butter i.e. its health benefits and nutrition facts.


Butter and health benefits:

  • Butter is rich Vitamin A essential for the health of thyroid and adrenal glands.
  • It is essential for cholesterol metabolism.
  • It has anti-cancer properties and it is known to boost immunity.
  • Vitamin D present in butter is necessary for the absorption of calcium.
  • It protects the joints from calcification as it is the only source of the anti-stiffness factor.
  • It is a source of iodine that is easily absorbed. Iodine is essential for the functioning of thyroid.
  • Cholesterol found in the fat of butter helps in children’s brain and nervous system development.

Butter is definitely a better alternative to margarine. Butter is real food unlike margarine that is just a processed chemical made to look like food. Poor butter had been side- lined when margarine emerged as a modern day bread spread in the market, but now we know that butter is much better for our health.

Homemade butter

There is nothing like fresh homemade butter freshly churned out of milk cream!! It is pure and has no additives in it unlike packaged butter.

Nutrition facts of homemade butter

Nutrition chart of homemade butter

Source: USDA

Packaged butter

Packaged butter has added salt and other additives in it. Let us take the most utterly butterly delicious butter i.e. our very own Amul butter into consideration. It is yellow in colour and is a regular feature on most breakfast tables.

Nutrition facts of Amul butter

Nutrition chart of Amul butter


Comparing nutrition facts of Homemade and packaged butter

The calories are pretty much similar, homemade butter 100 g (unsalted) has 717 calories in it and Amul butter 100 g has 722 calories. The cholesterol in Amul butter is lesser than that of homemade butter. The sodium content in homemade butter is just 11 mg whereas in Amul butter it is a whooping 840 mg!! That is because of the added salt.

Did you find the nutrition facts of butter useful? What is your take homemade butter or packaged?

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