Nutrition Facts Of Raw and Cooked Vegetables


Nutrition Facts Of Raw and Cooked Vegetables

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Vegetables are an essential part of our diet. They are low calorie foods that provide us with lots of fibre, vitamins and minerals that are essential for our well being.

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Cooking our food is essential for us humans. It softens the food, such as cellulose fiber, that our digestive systems aren’t designed to handle. Cooking helps us digest our food without using huge amounts of energy.

People say that cooking (especially vegetables) kills vitamins and minerals and essential enzymes. It is a little debatable. Let us find out how raw vegetables are not always healthier.

How cooking affects the nutritional value of veggies?

Some of the nutrients found in veggies are destroyed by cooking. 30 percent of the vitamins are lost by cooking them and another 20 percent vitamins, 15 percent of minerals are lost when the veggies are cooked in water. The list of nutrients that are affected by cooking are:

It would be better to steam or microwave veggies as you lose lesser nutrients than when you boil, bake, roast, fry or sauté them.

Veggies also have cancer preventing properties. This property has been found in both cooked and raw veggies. However, raw vegetables have shown stronger signs of cancer prevention. This is because some of the nutrients that fight cancer are destroyed by cooking.

Advantages of cooking vegetables

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Does this mean that cooking veggies is not right? No, it has its benefits too! Cooking increases the availability of certain nutrients like vitamin A, iron, calcium and lycopene (it is an antioxidant). What happens is that when the veggies are cooked, the cell walls break down, so it becomes easier for the body to absorb the nutrients. Some veggies also shrink in size on being cooked. So you would get more nutrients from a cooked vegetable than from the raw version of the same.

Another advantage of cooking vegetables is that the food becomes safe for consumption. Cooking kills the microbes and substances that cause food-borne illnesses. So, from the food-safety point of view, consuming cooked vegetables is better.

Nutrition values of mixed veggies (raw) Broccoli, cauliflowers, carrots

Nutrition chart mixed veggies- raw

Net carbs- 3 g


Nutrition values of mixed vegetables(cooked)

Nutrition chart mixed veggies (cooked)

Net carbs- 7.38 g


It is a fact that some vegetables are good for health when eaten raw and a few other are healthier when cooked. The whole point is to make one eat more veggies cooked or uncooked. You can enjoy certain veggies in salads in a raw form and you can eat others cooked (preferably steamed).

Ways to retain nutrients of veggies

Once picked from the tree, raw vegetables start losing nutrients. It would be better to do the following to retain the nutrients of vegetables.

  • Store vegetables in a refrigerator. This would help keeping it fresh.
  • Buy small batches of veggies and try to consume them soon.
  • Purchase seasonal and local vegetables to get maximum amounts of nutrients.

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Don’t forget to get daily nutrients from veggies!

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