Healthy Low GI Oats Cheela Recipe


Oats Cheela Recipe

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Some time back when my gym instructor gave me a final warning to skip paranthas for breakfast, I started having cornflakes and sprouts but was soon bored of this monotonous menu and started skipping breakfast. So, to get something as delicious as the mouth watering junk food, I tried this recipe. This can be made really fast and can be of great help to those girls like me who are always in hurry to rush for schools, colleges or offices and they skip the most essential meal of the day, their breakfast.

Tip: Even if you’re dieting and skipping breakfast thinking that you’re cutting calories, you will be probably starving by mid-morning and lunch. According to surveys, women who eat breakfast regularly tend to eat fewer calories overall during the day.

So let’s take a quick look at the recipe

 Oats Cheela Recipe

Ingredients Required:

Uncooked Oats 40 gm  (I use Quaker oats).

Tip: Go for larger flakes. The larger the flakes, the longer they take to digest and the longer it fills you up.

Onion chopped    2 tsp

Tomatoes chopped      2 tsp

Green chilli       1 chopped fine

Olive oil     1 tsp

Black pepper  to taste

Salt (to taste)


Soak oats in water for about 10 minutes.

Chop the onions, tomatoes and green chillies and mix them with the soaked oats.

Add black pepper and salt to taste.

oats cheela

Put some oil in the non-stick pan and keep it at medium flame.

Once the pan is hot, pour the oats batter and spread it to make a circular pancake.

Cook carefully on both sides as the pancake will be soft, hence difficult to turn.

Cook till it turns golden brown.

Oats Cheela Recipe
Oats Cheela Recipe

Serve it with tomato ketchup or mint chutney(optional).

Oats fill the bill when it comes to reducing hunger and keeping you on your diet plan. The soluble fibre in oats fills you up by creating gels. The gels delay stomach emptying, so you feel full longer, which helps with weight loss. So, make it for breakfast or as a light snack in the evening. Make it and Enjoy. 🙂

Do make it and share your views on how did you like this Oats Cheela Recipe.