Oats For Weight Loss Management And Well Being


Oats For Weight Loss Management And Well Being

Thick Oats

Oats make for a simple and easy to make but power packed breakfast meal, in fact depending on the way they are prepared can be relished as a mid day meal or a snack. Most of us are aware that oats are high in nutritional value but in particular it is enlightening to know that oats are packed with minerals such as Manganese, Thiamin, Magnesium and Phosphorous. Since oats are very low in saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol it is natural that oats are low on the calorie front and are therefore ideal for weight loss management and great for you over all health and physical wellbeing.

Oats are a cereal grain that harvest once a year. Punjab and Uttar Pradesh are the biggest growers of oats. As already mentioned, oats are a healthy meal packed with nutrients. Let us walk through some of the documented benefits of Oats.

Helps in the battle against cholesterol

Oats contain a  soluble fiber called beta-glucan that helps lower LDL or “bad” cholesterol level in blood without hampering the HDL or “good” cholesterol level. Oats are also a source of Tocotrienols that effectively work to reduce cholesterol in blood. Research has shown that just by eating a bowl of oatmeal each day one can reduce their cholesterol level by whopping 20%!

Keeps Type 2 Diabetes at bay

Research shows consumption of whole grains such as oats the risk of diabetes is reduced by as much as 60%. Even for those already suffering from diabetes, oats help stabilize the level of glucose in blood by slowing down digestion and controlling fluctuations in blood sugar level by reducing carbohydrates.

Oats For Weight Loss Management And Well Being

Keeps your immune system fighting fit

Soluble fibers found in oats are found to strengthen the function of the immune system which is our defense against any and all diseases, also aiding in fighting disease and infection.

Watchdog for your blood pressure levels

We are all susceptible we all are to the threat of blood pressure in these stressful times. Increased levels of blood pressure can lead to serious damage to the heart and other vital organs and can be fatal if not kept in control. A daily serving of oats helps reduce hypertension and high blood pressure in a natural manner.

Fights Heart Disease

Oatmeal contains a unique antioxidant by the name of Avenanthramides. This helps in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. In addition to this, phytochemicals called Lignans present in oats help in keeping the heart healthy.

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Keeps your weight in check

For those who are trying to lose a few kilos or inches, lets face it all of us are ! Oats are a great way to pack in the nutrition without the calories. The intake of oats does not add extra fat, On the contrary their high fiber content absorbs water and keeps you feeling full longer. Oats consumed by children help fight childhood obesity.

Prevents Asthma in Children

One of the commonest health issues for children today is asthma.Oats reduce the risk of asthma in children significantly.

Cancer fighting qualities:

Oats cannot prevent cancer, but a daily dose of oatmeal in your diet can definitely  lower the risk of certain cancers. In particular oats can cut the risk of colorectal cancer and also certain  hormone related cancers.

So how about consuming Oats for weight loss management and well being?

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