Obesity, The New Indian Epidemic

obesity in india

Obesity Is The New Indian Epidemic

India is in a crisis with the new widespread epidemic of obesity. With a huge population under the impact, it will be attracting more and more people as future approaches. A study shows that more than 135 million Indians are in the trap of obesity. Also, the research signifies that being overweight is no longer a lifestyle disease only, it now affects the majority of the population.

Between the year 1998 and 2016, it was observed that obesity increased both in urban and rural areas. Although there was a higher ratio observed in the higher socioeconomic position, but the lower ones also experienced obesity as a growing issue.

The growing crisis of obesity is increasing at a rapid pace, especially targeting the youth of the nation. If we take India and China together, India will be leading in childhood obesity. As far as India is concerned, in the upcoming years, more than 27 million children will be obese. The reasons behind these are varied, from the availability of processed foods and westernized diets, the transition of work culture from labourios tasks to office jobs has reduced the physical movement, thus the easy way to be obese.

Apart from the reasons, it is highly observed that the effects are widespread. Obesity is mainly considered with health issues but it also affects productivity on the national front, educational programs side by side affecting economic growth. On the individual level, the main threat is to health, along with risks of heart diseases which is the most common cause of death in the nation. Because of the rising obesity in the nation, the children are already under the threat of diabetes and high cholesterol from an early age.

Eat Right India Movement

In order to deal with the rising obesity, various movements have been launched recently. A program known as the Eat Right India Movement, emphasizes on the importance of having a balanced diet. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is also working on a mission of removing trans fat from the nation’s food supply by the year 2022. The prime minister of India Shri Narendra Modi has also launched a movement with the name of Fit India Movement to indulge more Indians to practice yoga and other workouts.

World Obesity Day

October 11 is marked as the World Obesity Day, which is regarded as day to create awareness about the crises of obesity. The conditions related to health, wellness and lifestyle are discussed in the best ways to reduce the epidemic of obesity.

Obesity in India

India should take inspiration from the international front to improve the nation wide health. A lot can be done to take advantage of the elements existing in the surroundings to create a better and aware surroundings.

Our Take….

Obesity is a trap, so let us do something about ourselves before we all fall a prey to this epidemic. Let us all be aware of good lifestyle and food habits and practice in a disciplined way.

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