7 Obvious Signs & Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency-Anaemia


7 Obvious Signs & Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency-Anaemia

I am anaemic and I know it. Lol ok, no PJ’s to start the discussion! Iron deficiency is  hands down the most common nutrient deficiency. Hemoglobin in red blood cells carries oxygen to all parts of the body. Therefore anemia can lead to all kinds of health issues. There are certain tell tale Obvious Signs & Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency-Anaemia which you should look out for!

7 Obvious Signs & Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency-Anaemia

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How To get over fatigue

This is the first and the foremost symptom which you should look out. This is an obvious symptom but still women do not figure it out. The reason is that since everyone today leads a busy life, people are tired end of day and no one even doubts that this fatigue could be because of iron deficiency.  I remember when I went to donate blood when I was studying in Singapore, my HB came out to be 8 and the folks told me that I should not donate but should accept donation  . I just thought that I was tired all this while since I hardly got time to sleep 4-5 hours a day. I avoided long walks and later did I realize that I avoided physical work unintentionally all this while.

Pale Complexion

Women who are deficient in hemoglobin are usually pale in complexion. There is not enough iron in the blood for red or rosy colored cheeks.

Disturbed Periods

One of the reason why women are deficient in iron is heavy periods. Till the time body still copes to replenish iron in the blood, its already next month. On the contrary, if you are iron deficient, more likely periods would be disturbed. You could have normal flow one month and scanty the next month!


Carrying oxygen to brain cells is the priority for the body despite less oxygen carrying hemoglobin. When this is not sufficient women suffer from frequent headaches.

Shortness of Breath/Pounding heart

This is simply because oxygen carrying hemoglobin is less in the body. Physical work demands huge oxygen supply , the shortage leads to pounding heart and shortness of breath. One needs to have the minimum hemoglobin levels to sustain an active lifestyle.

Hair Loss

Acute iron deficiency or anemia can lead to major hair loss. The body prioritizes to support vital organs and functions like heart and  brain over hair of course.


Low oxygen levels do affect nervous system and its normal to feel anxious without any reason. This simply means that iron deficiency can affect a person more than physically!

My last 2 cents for vegetarians – Human body absorbs iron more effectively from animal sources as compared to plant sources. So if you are deficient in iron because of your vegetarian way of eating, do include more iron rich foods in your diet. Its better to take multivitamin and iron supplements on and off to make sure you are not solely dependent on limited food choices that you are dependent on!

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