Office Habits To Stay Healthy And Fit


Office Habits To Stay Healthy And Fit

“We become what we repeatedly do.” ― Sean Covey

Its a human tendency to get hooked to bad habits in no time and later, quitting them seems to take a lifetime. On the other hand, adopting good habits need a push to inculcate, they don’t come so easily.

I am listing a few office habits to stay healthy and fit. Hope it will be useful to all working folks 🙂 !

  • Take the stairs instead of elevators – its the simplest method to keep moving during work hours. Sometimes I don’t climb up the stairs if I see lift opening ready to take me 😛 , but i always climb down. By the way, my seat is at 5th floor and 90 steps to be precise.

How To Avoid Weight Gain During Work keep moving

  • Stretch often. It takes less than 10 seconds to stretch your arms , legs , neck and back one at a time. Simple stretching exercises that you can do at work here.

Simple Stretches at work

  • Maintain correct posture. If you sit in an incorrect way, you will end up with neck and back pains.
  • Maintain correct distance between your hands and keyboard , eyes and monitor. It is very important not to droop towards the computer.
  • Stay hydrated. Have a bottle for your rescue all the time. I have a 1.5 liters bottle and a mug on my table, two soldiers 😉
  • Don’t hog on your desk. Take a proper lunch break and enjoy your meal. When you just swallow your food to dump in your tummy, you won’t feel satiated even after overeating and will end up eating again very soon.

How To Avoid Weight Gain During Work

  • Carry meals to office – main meals and snacks too. Plan your meals a day in advance and pack your lunch box considering all macro-nutrients. Check out how I balance my lunch box here.
  • Invest in non perishable and healthy food items that you can keep in your cabinet. I have kept almonds, walnuts , peanut butter and roasted flax  seeds so that I never starve. Sometimes I keep dates and prunes as well for my rare sweet cravings.
  • Replace tea/coffee from vending machines with green tea. The green tea sachets can easily be stored in your storage cabinet. You can check out various varieties of teas that aid weight loss here.
  • If you need to speak to someone in your vicinity, walk to him/her rather than pinging on the communicator/chat engine. I rarely use office communicator to converse with people who are a few seats away. Taking a 2-3 minutes break every 30-40 minutes wont dent a hole in your productivity.
  • Learn to reason out or make excuses when someone offers you junk to eat. I tried reasoning out, it did not work with most of my colleagues. Excuses have worked the best way for me. When someone offers me cake, I take a chance and say I don’t eat egg 😛 . Of course I don’t want to offend the birthday boy/girl saying, I don’t eat sugar laiden foods. I did not cut cake on my birthday, its difficult for me to stop after a bite of yummy pineapple or a fruit cake 🙁

If you have adopted an office habit that worked for you, share with us.



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