Oil Pulling Linked To Weight Loss


Oil Pulling and weight loss

There you are sweating while working out to make sure you stick to your New Year resolution of losing weight. But what if I told you that you could lose some of that weight by doing something for a very less time? If you are still up for the help, here it is presenting the technique of oil pulling.

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice which has been proven to cure ailments and a large number of diseases. Its application for maintaining proper oral hygiene has proved to be a complete success. So to perfectly make it clear to you, oil pulling is something which will take less time but give you white teeth, reduce mouth inflammation and reduce your weight! Can it get any better than this?

oil pulling how to do

Ensure a bacteria free mouth

What do you exactly have to do is to follow the steps to ensure a bacteria free mouth:

Some Amazing Yoga Kriyas-oil pulling

1. Take a tablespoon of an oil of your choice and start moving this oil in your mouth (in all possible directions) for about 15 to 20 minutes. The basic idea is this, the longer time you put in step, the better results you achieve.

2. When the oil turns milky and foamy, you will know that step 1 has been a success. Time to spit that oil out completely from your mouth. For best hygiene practices, spit the oil into the flush and not the wash basin so as to reduce the chances of bacterial contamination.

3. Make sure you do not swallow any part of this oil and it is full of toxins at this stage. Next, you have to rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water. Repeat step 1 but with water and for a lesser time.

4. Immediately brush your teeth as you do normally. Do not allow larger time gap between oil pulling and brushing the teeth.

Oil pulling should be ideally done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. What actually happens is that when you swish the oil in your mouth, the impurities present in the teeth and gums gets extracted from their original hiding place and you get a mouth free from mucus, toxins and harmful pus.

What oils are you allowed to use?

You have the freedom to use whatever oil you find suitable like olive oil, almond oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil. In Asia, people prefer sesame oil owing to its property of being an anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties bearing ‘healing oil’. You can use a mildly flavoured oil such as coconut oil for achieving remarkable results.

Other benefits of oil pulling

oil pulling benefits

There are some other benefits of oil pulling such as prevention from asthma, eczema, ulcers, arthritis, gingivitis and cavities, intestinal disorders and fibromyalgia and other auto immune diseases. Some believe that the toxins present in the blood are removed through the mucus membranes of the mouth due to which the body is detoxified and there is prevention of tooth decay and gum disease.

How is oil pulling helpful in losing weight?

First of all, there is no scientific explanation for the relationship between oil pulling and loss in weight. Experience of people who have tried oil pulling regularly have pointed the reason for weight loss as detoxification of the body. Applying simple logic, when the body does not have toxins or unwanted substances, the body has the ability to function properly leading to loss of excess weight.

Also, oil pulling has been seen to increase your energy levels which means a more efficient workout session which will help in shedding those extra kilograms as well as maintain your ideal weight as and when you reach it.

What you need to incorporate in your daily life is the ultimate combination do a balanced diets, regular workout and oil pulling – Viola! A new fit you.

Hope you found this post ‘Oil Pulling Linked To Weight Loss’ useful!

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