One Minute Tips For Weight Loss


One Minute Tips For Weight Loss


If you have a minute to spare to get in shape then these tips are for you!! Little tweaks in your diet and lifestyle can go a long way in cutting down calories and burning fat. Without much ado, here we go!!

One Minute Tips For Weight Loss

Biotin for weightloss

Mix water in your juice

To half a glass of your favourite juice, add half a glass of water. Being stingy? No! By diluting your juice you can reduce 85 calories in one glass!!

Walk and talk

This concept was made famous in India by Idea cellular. Remember their ad? Ya, so it is the same thing! So you can burn calories while talking over the cell phone and walking around. Doing other household chores too can help you lose more calories.

Pay each time someone gives you a treat

Confusing? I will clear it up. If you happen to eat the sugar laden halwa offered to you by your colleague, remember to give a hundred rupees aside. Give the money to your kids. Paying money each time you accept sweets will make you decline the offer next time. But please don’t be rude!

Read nutritional information

how to read food labels

Read what you are about to ingest. I am talking about processed stuff. You should know how many calories it has and what its chief ingredients are.

Pack you lunch to office

Rather than having meals at your office cafeteria, make it a point to pack your lunch each day. By eating home packed lunch you can cut down about 300 calories each day!

Include flax seeds in your diet

flax seeds and weight loss

Ground flax seeds can be added to your bowl of yoghurt each day. It will help curb appetite. You can also munch on the flax seeds reviewed by Tarun here!

Get your thyroid test done

If you have been working hard to lose weight but are unable to do so, just get yourself checked up for thyroid disorder (after consulting a doctor).

Cheat your taste buds a bit

Try sucking on menthol lozenges. That will put your cravings to rest!

Add spices to your meals

chilli-healthy or harmful

If you eat bland food, try adding a bit of spice in it. By adding chilli i.e. capsaicin to your food you will eat less.

Your salads should be chunked

Don’t shred or slice your veggies in the salad! Chop them instead. Since it is a more tedious task to chew bigger pieces you will do a lot of chewing and will eventually eat less of the main course.

Make a note of what you eat

Keeping an account of what you eat will help you in cutting down on calories. Just making a note of it is required.

Cook a measured amount

If you cook a measured amount of food you would have no chance of overeating at all. Keep the measuring cups close to you always.

Include vegetable chunks in your soup

If you are a soup person then this tip is good for you. People who had large veggie chunks in their soup feel fuller than those who had the veggies pureed in the soup.

Eat fish

fish tikkas with mint chutney

This one is for my non-veg loving friends. Include fish in your diet and see the change. Overweight individuals who had a low calorie diet with fish each day lost around 20% more weight than those who didn’t eat fish.

Dab off fat

Forced to have pizza? Don’t worry! You can easily dab off oil from the pizza slices. If you happen to dab off one teaspoon of oil that would be around 40 calories!

Talk to a friend

Instead of getting trapped in the vicious cycle of emotional eating try finding solace in a friend or loved one. If you are upset about something just say to someone you have full belief on. It will lessen your burden.

Did you find the above tips handy?

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