‘One Size Fits All’ Diet-Myth Busted


‘One Size Fits All’ Diet-Myth Busted

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‘I am doing it all right but not able to shed kilos?’ This is a common complaint made by dieters, especially women. Even after following a diet plan to the T, your weight loss varies from what your fitness guru says or from your best friend who is also on the same plan. What is the reason behind this? Well, don’t get worried. The fact is that the way we metabolize healthy food can vary from person to person. In simple terms, your friend and you can be following the same diet plan but end up with completely different results. Your friend might be able to lose kilos but you might still be hanging in mid air 😛

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This has been found by a new study. In this study, researchers closely monitored 800 adult men and women for a period of 1 month. Participants were made to eat standardized meals provided by the researchers and asked to wear a blood sugar monitoring device along with submitting other test reports, answering questionnaires and reporting their practices. Totally 46,898 meals were analyzed and what came forth was pretty shocking.

The researchers of the study said that they found huge differences between individuals. In certain cases, individuals showed opposite response to one another. The differences in digestion were not just for junk foods, even healthy foods triggered different responses in certain people. An example of a woman suffering from diabetes and obesity was used. She tried losing weight with almost every kind of diet but in vain. During the study, it was noticed that after eating tomatoes, her blood sugar spiked and tomatoes were something she believed to be healthy and ate several times a day in different forms. When tomatoes were removed from her diet, she was able to see results! However, this doesn’t indicate that tomatoes are unhealthy; it is just that they were unhealthy for that particular woman!

The researchers said that the study’s results have opened up the possibility of developing diet plans for individuals that are tailor-made keeping in mind their unique metabolism, blood sugar, gut bacteria and other biomarkers.

Researchers feel that they may be conceptually wrong about diabetes and obesity.

After hearing all the high-tech information don’t you feel that many of us have been doing this by the trial and error method? When one kind of diet doesn’t seem to work, you jump onto another and realize that it benefits you.

Attitude Key To Successful Weight Loss

We all have friends who say that low carb diet works best for them and then there are others who say that a vegan high carb diet has helped them lose weight. This research proves both the individuals totally right. What works for one doesn’t seem to work for another. So, there cannot just be one diet plan that suits everyone! All of us are unique and the research has proved it.

Perhaps we should learn to listen to our own bodies and trust its rhythms. Only if we knew how it feels like to be in good health and how we should choose foods that make us feel that way, maintaining healthy weight would be a lot simpler.

So, I guess this post has been helpful in clarifying that you just cannot lose weight by blindly following someone else’s diet.

Hope this post has been useful!

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