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Online Doctor Consultation

Online shopping does tempt us all to buy goods online, most of them which are available at jaw dropping deals. From clothes to accessories, there is a lot to shop online.

The e-commerce industry has changed the scenario of shopping completely. It saves time, energy and of course fuel! Time is money these days and there is no point in spending hours shopping at stores when you can get everything at the comfort of your home.

Okay, now, what do you do when you are sick? You visit the doctor, obviously! In spite of an appointment, you have to wait in the queue for long hours, isn’t it? The long waiting time for your appointment may not be comfortable for many. For most, it may become annoying when the doctor turns up late. To avoid the long waits, you can now consult the doctor online!

online doctor consultation

This is a big revolution in the healthcare field. Doctors are now more easily available to you when you fall sick. You only need an active internet connection to be able to talk to the doctor. When online doctor consultation was made available by Ask Apollo, the word ‘online’ seemed quite intriguing to me.

Finally, the day had arrived when I could get rid of the tension of travelling to doctor’s clinic and waiting in never ending queues.

Let me share the experience of Mr. Amit with online doctor consultation.

Mr. Amit just went to the website to seek consultation. The next step was a detailed face-to-face (or rather screen to screen) video conversation with the doctor about health and proper guidance was given. Only after proper consultation, the prescription was sent to him. Convenience is the USP of online doctor consultation.

Benefits of Ask Apollo Online Doctor Consultation

  • Can consult the doctor at any hour of the day from anywhere. It hardly matters whether you are in Chennai or Los Angeles, the doctor is available round the clock on all days.
  • Specialists are present on a single platform. You can meet any specialist you need, right from a dermatologist to a gastroenterologist.
  • You may speak to the doctor with the help of a video call. Besides, there are options of communicating through a voice call and email too.
  • You don’t need to run around to talk to the specialist. So, online doctor consultation is certainly hassle free.
  • You may consult the doctor from the comfort of your home.

Hope you liked reading this post on consulting the doctor online!

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