IWB Online Indian Weight Loss Program-Inspiring Success Story


IWB Online Indian Weight Loss Program-Inspiring Success Storyiwb weight loss program

Inspiring Weight Loss Journey Of 80kgs-66kgs


I am back after a gap… I know I am missing action here since I have taken up a full-time 9-5 job (Read Diet plan for 9-5 job here) but there are a few things that inspire me to take some time off and narrate true life motivational stories of the weight loss journey of our clients. Not so very long ago, in the month of September, we had posted a weight loss story of a young client who lost 10 kgs in a month (Read here)  

Weight Loss Journey From 80kgs-66kgs

This was the story of a young girl who was considered “Cute” as a kid and later on was doomed to hear comments like “Beauty comes in all sizes”. This is the story of a young woman who had dreams of her future and fulfilling those she lost touch with her own self, her health resulting in the vicious cycle of obesity, ill health and ultimately depression.

This was the story of a beautiful girl who struggled hard in gym, tried all kinds of fad diets but lost nothing but hope. Then as she finally found IWB Weight Loss Program, she lost ten kilos in a month’s time. Her dress size changed from XL to M. Just to remind you here are the previous pics of our client… Take a look at her first set of before and after picture.

IWB client weight loss 01

This was the time in September 2015 when our client had already lost ten kilos and was happy for the increased level of energy, then one fine day she informed us that she had to leave the comfort of her home cooked food as she had to shift to a hostel since she had to go for higher studies. To add to her woes was the realization of the bitter reality that there was no fruit market nearby the hostel and the food provided by the Mess were as oily as could be possible.

Handling this issue was a big challenge for the IWB Team as well as our client. The team formulated a diet plan according to the meals that were being offered by the Hostel Mess. She provided us the picture of the menu plan for the week and our Team helped her plan her food intake in such a way that in one month we got this picture of our client… She looks amazing isn’t it?


So here we present our client who rewrote her story by not only losing 14 kilos in a record time of two months and was adjudged Miss Fresher in her college. There she stands pretty full of grace and poise and we are loving her confidence too.

Nothing is impossible

When I asked her how she felt, these were her words,” I am feeling beautiful and anyone can be like me. It is not only about losing weight but also about taking care of your health and fitness. Nothing is impossible and only thing required is the right guidance, confidence and faith that you can do it. If you are consistent and good hands of IWB Team, you too can be your own perfect edition.” So inspiring are her words oozing with confidence that I want to proclaim very proudly today that I am proud to be the mentor of such a client who followed every advice given by IWB Weight Loss Team. As she herself had said previously,”The best thing I love about this program is that IWB Team answers all your doubts in real time and doesn’t let you get demotivated. The individual attention given by Mentors give you a kick to stay on the target. The exceptionally good focus on your goals, food choices and motivation by the IWB Weight Loss Team is the best part of this program. The daily feedback plays a very important role in making you stay on track.”

kritika ms fresher

Dear client, you make us all proud. Stay blessed and as promised, we are going to be together till you reach your goal of hitting 50 kg. All the best.

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