Oolong Tea For Weight Loss


Oolong Tea For Weight Loss

oolong teaHello!

Tea and weight loss has been on the books of weight losers for a time now, green tea emerging as a winner in race of weight loss aid. Bored of the same old green tea? Need a change? Look no further, we present to you Oolong tea (like ooooooolong, love the sound of it :p)

The market is abuzz with this tea, which is originally said to be Chinese origin. This tea is also called Wu-long tea as it grown mainly on Wu-Yi Mountain. I first heard about it when I was searching the net for some weight loss help/ motivation. So this tea is said to help you with weight loss by accelerating your metabolism. Not that green tea doesn’t do that, but with oolong tea the effects are much faster and more profound.

Here is the list of benefits that makes oolong tea a fat burning drink!

oolong tea for weight loss

Anti-oxidants that boost metabolism:

The antioxidants in oolong tea, in addition to protecting you from chronic disease, can also increase your metabolism by 10% or more for up to 2 hours after drinking oolong.

Fat burning Anti-Oxidants:

The oolong tea can help you burn off the fats and also help you keep it away for a longer period of time. It especially helps to reduce the fats in the stomach area and upper arm are (Did I hear people hooting??), this tea helps you eliminate the fat building enzymes in the body.

Contains caffeine:

Oolong tea has caffeine present in it, same as the green tea. Thus caffeine equals higher metabolism, thus more energy expenditure, thus more fat burning! It’s as if this is God’s gift to all of us, the fatty people trying to be fit.

Regulates Blood sugar levels:

Like green tea, this tea also helps you to regulate your blood sugar levels and thus help you keep cravings at bay.

oolongNow that you guys are all happy about finding this miracle cuppa, let me give you the side effects of the same:

Excess caffeine consumption:

Over consumption of oolong tea may cause you to take in more caffeine than the body requires and thus make your metabolism more sluggish and insulin resistant. Pregnant women shouldn’t consume more than 300 mg of caffeine per day, it may result in a miscarriage.

Thus long story cut short, consumption of the tea in proportion is beneficial, and anything done out of proportion is considered dangerous (even work out!). So, how much is too much? Well, having 3 cups a day is acceptable, have it after your meals for an effective burn out of calories.

Note: I would advise you to start with green tea for around 2-3 months (if you are not a green tea drinker yet) then move on to oolong tea. The reason being, your body is not used to the metabolism shooting tea and thus when subject to oolong which has higher amounts of anti-oxidants than green tea, it can throw your body off its routine and you may experience certain symptoms like palpitations or excessive sweating. Thus, take small steps and go strong.

Any oolong tea drinkers please help us out with your experience!

You can buy oolong tea online easily. With that this is Pooja, signing off… ciao!

When are you going to try Oolong Tea?

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