How To Be More Optimistic In Life?


Want To Know How To Be More Optimistic In Life?

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Optimism is a mindset. Optimists are cheerful people who look at the bright side of things and usually view the world as a positive place. They find ways to overcome difficulties and try to search for meanings in darker times. On the other hand, pessimists see the negative in everything and blame themselves for the unfortunate events that take place. They often feel that things are out of their control.

Being optimistic has its own rewards. Positive people have the following benefits:

  • They recover quickly from traumatic life events and difficult situations.
  • They tend to be healthier than those people who think negative
  • They live longer
  • They are able to handle stress in a more effective manner

Are you not a natural optimist? Nothing to worry about!  It is possible for you to develop optimistic habits at any stage of your life. The best thing is that studies reveal that optimism can be learned. Here are ways to be more optimistic in life:

1) Make note of what you are grateful for every day

Irritable Bowel Syndrome food diary

Doing so would be the most transformative thing that you can do to train your brain to look at the brighter side. It need not be a gratitude journal. It can just be something that works for you. You can jot down the three positive things that happen to you every day or review things you are grateful for 5 mins each morning.

2) Smile more often

Benefits of smiling-Why you should smile more often

Smiling may seem the last thing you want to do if you feel gloomy but you should do it anyway. Here’s a trick; think about something that makes you laugh.

The best thing about smiling is that it is contagious. Studies reveal that humans mimic the facial expressions of others because of an automatic reflex. So smile more often and surround yourself with folks who do the same.

3) Get reminded of things that make you feel proud or happy

happy-woman-food fear

Pat your back! We don’t do enough number of times. Remind yourself of things that you created, goals you achieved, a trip you made and the like. It should be something that makes you smile. Think of why you did it and how it makes you feel today. It is a good reminder of the fact that you are capable of doing so much.

4) Be kind

kindness quote, Optimistic

If you are not feeling great and are unable to smile, an act of kindness will help you out. Try to do something kind for another person. Donate to your favourite cause or give your seat to an elderly person in the bus. These little gestures can go a long way in making you feel good. Such acts of kindness will help us in remembering that we can make a difference in someone’s life. This thought is comforting and can bring a ray of hope even on the darkest days.

Being optimistic is not in your genes. It is a power that you cultivate when you have a positive outlook towards life. Also, it can have an impact on your health and relationships.

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