Orange Infused Yogurt Treat Recipe


orange yogurt with nuts

Orange Infused Yogurt Treat Recipe

Hi everybody! So finally winter season has arrived and so have oranges! To be honest, I don’t like having oranges. But I love this recipe since it has yogurt and honey and much more in it! Let’s take a quick look at the ingredients!!


  • 250gm low-fat yogurt.

  • 3 tablespoon honey.

  • 3 tablespoon raw orange juice.

  • 2 tablespoon milk powder. (optional)

  • ½ teaspoon vanilla essence.

  • 1 tablespoon orange zest and orange pulp.

  • Almonds, cashew, raisins, cinnamon powder (optional).

  • Cheese-cloth/towel cloth or any cotton cloth.


make cream cheese

  • Take a large bowl, cover it with a towel cloth and pour the yogurt in it.

yogurt making

  •  Wrap the cloth, twist and tie a knot and let it strain for 3-4hours. (if you are in a hurry just twist it and apply pressure it would strain all the liquid instantly.)

yogurt cheese

  • Unwrap the cloth, take the hardened yogurt in a bowl, add honey, orange juice and mix it nicely. Use blender if you want to. The yogurt should turn absolutely smooth.

orange yogurt with honey

  •  Add vanilla essence, orange zest, orange pulp, cashew, almonds. I didn’t add raisins and cinnamon powder because I don’t like them.

yogurt add milk powder

  •  Add milk powder now.

  •  Mix and keep it in the deep freeze for about an hour or 2.

orange yogurt with nuts

  • Take it out. Garnish with some more zest and nuts and serve chilled!


orange yogurt with rindsNote:

  • If you want it less sweet, you can add a bit lesser amount of honey.

  • Skip cashew if you want this to be very low in calorie count.

 So try this Orange Infused Yogurt Treat Recipe and have a great time! Stay healthy!

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