Why Outdoor Workouts Are Better For You?


Find Out Why Outdoor Workouts Are Better For You!

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Why would you need the gym when you can work out outdoors? While the gym is a place to work out on your treadmill and elliptical, there is nothing like being surrounded with nature and breathing in fresh air. It will help in clearing your head, making you happy and getting rid of stress.

Find out how Outdoor Workouts are way better for you!

1) You will feel happier

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Do you feel that you need to head to a lush green forest or a breezy beach to get the benefits of outdoor exercise? That is probably not true! In a 2015 study, it was found that students who walked through the park in campus for an hour were having lesser anxiety than those who did not. Another study says that looking at pictures of greenery helps in improving happiness. So, for a mood boost all you ready need is sturdy footwear and a few trees. Exercising outside will make you enjoy more.

2) Your workout will be a stronger one

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While it may be better to run on a treadmill indoors than not exercising at all, it may be possible to get a stronger workout if you head outdoors. Researchers conducted a study on running indoors vs outdoors. They found that outdoor exercisers spent more to cover the same distance as the ones who were running on a treadmill. This indicates that if your goal is physical fitness, outdoor workouts are the best.

3) Your immunity will improve

Forest - hiking benefits fo the brain

If you have not heard of forest bathing, you are missing out on something. It is an old Japanese practice that helps in encouraging people to head outdoors and take a walk in nature not just for mental health but for improving immunity. Trees tend to bathe themselves in a compound called phytoncides which is antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial. And that is how trees fight disease. When phytoncides are inhaled by humans, it triggers the production of white blood cells called the natural killer cells. These cells attack tumourous and cancerous growths in the body, increasing the body’s immunity.

4) You will improve heart health and lower your BP

Do you want to live longer? Outdoor exercising can help you out. Being amidst nature lowers BP, cortisol and pulse rate.

5) Your social life will improve

how to walk for weight loss

If you happen to exercise outdoors, it is more likely to have company. It can be hiking with friends, running in groups or after-dinner walks with your partner. According to an Austrian study, people enjoy outdoor workouts more, one reason for this is the fact that social interactions reduce stress and increase happiness.

6) The chances of injury are fewer

People who head outdoors to exercise have a lesser chance of injury. Pounding on the treadmill repeatedly without a change in terrain can be tough on the body and can lead to injuries. Running outside make people flex their ankles more and build stronger muscles on the whole.

Are you ready to head outdoors to work out?

Hope you liked to know why outdoor workouts are better for you!

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