What Is Overtraining And How To Avoid It?


What Is Overtraining And How To Avoid It?

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We all know that exercising is good for health. However, it is a universal truth that excess of everything is bad! Even exercising beyond limits can affect you negatively.

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Though feeling fatigued and sore after exercise is absolutely normal especially when you are new to it. Since it is easy to overdo it, here are 7 signs that will tell you that you are overexercising:

  1. You feel tired always
  2. You have a tough time sleeping
  3. You get sick frequently
  4. Your muscles and joints feel constantly sore
  5. You’ve ceased improving at the gym
  6. You are moody
  7. You unable to focus or concentrate

If you have most of the above problems then it means that you are suffering from overtraining. It is not a big issue, it can be fixed but you shouldn’t ignore these symptoms. If you don’t find a solution it can lead to depression, burn out, adrenal fatigue, stubborn weight gain and muscle loss.

Overtraining- what is it?

In a nut shell, overtraining refers to working out your body so much that it becomes difficult for it to recover properly. Overtraining is not just linked to muscles, it also affects the nervous system. When the nervous system is stressed more than what it can handle, the nerves get weakened and disrupt the nerve signals, resulting in several adverse health effects like chronic fatigue, irritability and insomnia.

Ways to recover from overtraining

Recovering from overtraining requires time and patience. You may need to take an off from training for a few days, weeks or even months depending on the severity of the overtraining. You should also bear in mind that the nervous system takes longer to recover in comparison to your muscles. So, even if your feel that your body is ready, you should wait as the nerves need more time to recover. It is better to over rest in order to make sure that you have fully recovered before getting back to training.

Steps to be taken to avoid overtraining

Consume enough calories

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Do you know that calorie restriction puts stress on your body? This is the main reason why low calorie diets don’t seem to work in the long run. It is of utmost importance that you get enough calories, at least according to the demands of your workout. But you need to make sure that you are getting the calories from real foods and not from foods high in sugar like refined carbohydrates. You should also have a lot of healthy fats like omega 3s that help faster recovery and fight the inflammation caused due to overtraining.

Change your workouts

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Make sure that you keep changing your workouts in order to avoid using the same muscles again and again. Doing the same workouts with same energy levels will pause your progress and make you prone to injuries and overtraining. So, keep changing your exercises, vary the workout duration and effort.

Listen to what your body says

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You must listen to your body as it is most important. For example, if your workout needs you to give a 100% effort but your body is not ready, then you just need to listen to your body and modify the workout according to your comfort. The case can be that you can just give 75% of the effort as you haven’t been sleeping pretty well. Just pay heed to what your body says.

Get sufficient rest

Restorative Yoga

Whatever be your fitness routine, you need to make sure that you get a rest of 1 t 2 days a week. Rest is as important as working out. In fact, your muscles are built and get stronger when you take rest. Rest is also the time when you tend to burn the most amount of fat. Do you know that you burn fat after your workouts and not during your workouts? There are many essential processes that take place while you are resting. So, taking rest is crucial, don’t skip it thinking that it is a waste of time.

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