OMG Overweight Women Earn Less!


OMG Overweight Women Earn Less!

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I am not going to talk about food or health in this post as I usually do. I am here to discuss obesity and employment issues. There is a study done in the US that links obesity and employment. Let us find out what it has to reveal.

What the study reveals?

A new study in the US has reported that women who are heavy tend to earn lesser than average sized women and men. Obese females get more strenuous and lower paying jobs in lesser known areas.

There is a link between being overweight and earning lesser salary. Research says that when a woman becomes overweight, she is less likely to get a white collar, better paying job where she has to face the public. Women who are obese are most likely to land up with a low paying, more labour-intensive roles in home health, food and child care industries.

Research data clearly shows that employers don’t want heavier women to be the face of their firm. But the scenario is not the same for obese men. They are appointed for personal interaction jobs, there is no under-representation nor is there an over-representation of obese men jobs that demand physical activity. The issue seems to be that of gender discrimination. Employers don’t want obese women but are alright with obese men.

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What the research has found out brings obesity in omen in new light. Most overweight female workers don’t sit idle for 8 hour shifts, they keep toiling on their feet, constantly moving and lifting things. Such jobs are among the lowest when one talks about the paying scale.

Obese women have more limited options when it comes to employment. The scene is that obese women can get only physical labour jobs. Most of the time, they are jobs that no one else wants. The author of the study calls the difference of the pay between overweight women and average sized women as ‘obese wage penalty”. For instance, in jobs where there are long hours of personal interaction with clients, an obese woman will earn about 5 percent less than an average sized woman who has the same amount of work as the overweight woman has.

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This problem is more prominent now as more and more people are getting overweight. The problem will not go away if more and more women are getting overweight.

Several studies have been done and it has been found that people who are fat are discriminated not only at the workplace but also in college admissions and adoption. Things are getting nasty at the workplace. The whole attention is on obese people and the public thinks that overweight people can be mocked at.

At colleges and workplaces

Instead of being mocked at, if obese people are motivated to lose weight, they will. The plight of obese employees at workplaces and colleges in India is no less. The obese/overweight girl in the classroom is constantly mocked at. Even if she eats a small food portion, she is called a gorging elephant. At workplaces overweight people are the centre of jokes of all kinds. Aren’t overweight people humans too? The so called ‘normal people’ or ‘average-sized’ people must think before they act. They are also under the risk of getting overweight.

Attitude matters

I am taking this opportunity to tell you that size does not matter, attitude does. If you have the right attitude you can win laurels in every field. Yes, being on the slimmer side brings one’s positivity to the fore. When people are able to lose weight they have a more positive outlook towards life. If you are lucky enough to be average sized, go ahead and motivate overweight people to lose weight.

Overweight Women Earn Less- do you feel so?

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