Parineeti Chopra Latest Pictures & Fitness

parineeti chopra fitness

Parineeti Chopra Latest Pictures & Fitness

Hi Everyone,

I hope you already browsed the latest and oh-so-gorgeous pictures of Parineeti Chopra as it was trending popular on Twitter throughout the day! Well, yes I too saw and what a drastic transformation she has portrayed in her latest photo shoot!

parineeti fitness

For those of you all, who are still unaware of Parineeti’s weightloss journey and how she evolved in the fabulous fit girl! You need to checkout her story below-

Parineeti Chopra From Fat To Fit

Parineeti Chopra Fat

Being a true Punjabi kudi at heart, she loves food like anything and relishes the best of the recipes! Well, since she entered the Film Industry, she instantly hit the chord or millions of girls who are comfortable n their own skin and are not a part of any rat race or under peer pressure to get skinny or slim down!

She proved that being fit is what matters and since then she has always managed to look her best with each movie her figure just got better!

slimmer parineeti

Being too skinny was never her motto and after 4 years in the showbiz world, she finally has the figure she always wanted to have! Fit and curvy with the right flab at right places!

The recent photo shoot with Nike has a series of so many inspirational photos of her in a clad slimmer avatar and she looks amazing! The girl also shares her personal journey of overcoming her inhibitions and getting to a better self and fit body!

stunning parineeti latest

Well, this is not a movie promotion and the pictures are inspiring enough for all those girls who are striving to get a fitter body and emphasis more on being healthy and naturally happier!

She also shared how one can motivate the self to transform and needs no one to push them to achieve what is best! The power lies inside and it is always there, you just need to harness it at the right time and focus on how to achieve it.

parineeti chopra fitness

Following her sisters’s footsteps, she has already managed to stun us with her acting abilities and now with this fit body she is surely going to make it big! This totally new and transformed actress with great motivation is set to achieve her best and we will surely get to see her soon in the hot and sensuous persona she has come up with this time!

The new pictures show the fierce and dedicated side of Parineeti as a person who struggled with her body issues when she was introduced in Bollywood!

parineeti fit body

She never felt ashamed of being curvy and embraced her body at all times and was surely not desperate to get slim only because of movie offers! The bubbly and chirpy actress looks a million bucks in the latest photo shoot and the journey she portrays through the series of photographs is very inspiring!

How did you like Parineeti Chopra’s new and slimmer look?

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