Parineeti Chopra’s Amazing Transformation

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Parineeti Chopra’s Amazing Transformation

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We all are on a look out for some solid source of inspiration in all spheres of life. For weight loss to happen too you need to have a role model in front of you. Well, we have one here for you! It is none other than our dearest Parineeti Chopra.

The actress who wowed everyone with her film ‘Ishaqzaade’ is there with something new! The ‘Kill Dil’ actress has lost oodles of weight and is getting toned with every passing day. Currently she is looking hot! The photos she shared on twitter say volumes about her transformation both physical and mental.

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The actress has always been on the heavier side but she did lose weight to enter filmdom – read this! Even then she has been the bubbly and chubby kind and someone well known for her love of pizzas. However, this time she has hit the bull’s eye and completely revamped herself. But how, you may ask! Well read on!

parineeti fitness

Parineeti’s weight loss secret

Parineeti Chopra has been working out on herself for the last few months and as a result has lost a lot of weight. She feels a lot fitter now! Parineeti confesses that she was extremely busy last year and hence did not get enough time to work on herself. She says that she actually neglected her health but now is taking good care of it. She has been doing Kalaripayattu, a martial art form from Kerala. Way to go girl! She does it for one hour every day. It has tremendously helped her in making her more flexible and stronger. It has also built her stamina.

Parineeti dislikes the regular gym routine for weight loss. She finds hitting the gym extremely boring. She just was not in the state of the mind to multi-task and probably that is why she kept shooting continuously without paying heed to her health.

parineeti fit body

However, when Parineeti finally decided to shed her inhibitions, she left everyone aghast. Compliments have been dropping in from all quarters! Parineeti revealed that previously when she neglected her health, neither did she just look unhealthy but also felt like one. She wanted to be full of energy but she always felt tired and did not have stamina in her.

Constant tiredness made her change things and bent them the way she wanted. She says that most people want to get thin but that is just not enough. You should feel healthy, fit and active from within too. Agreeing that was overweight and unfit, she is happy that now she is losing weight and getting fit. Parineeti feels that she still needs to reach her destination.

Wasn’t this post on Parineeti Chopra’s revamped look inspiring? Hope you liked her blazing look. You see, you just cannot achieve whatever you want by plainly sitting on the couch. You are a human being and a human being cannot get results by magic. You have to work towards it, at your own speed though! These days a lot of stars are ditching the routine ways of weight loss and trying out something different. Kick-boxing, hot Yoga, they have been doing it all to stay in perfect shape. If you are stuck up on a weight loss plateau, you should try Kalaripayattu out too!

Hope this post has been informative!

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