Patanjali Instant Atta Noodles Review-How Safe Are They?


Patanjali atta noodles review-Have a look!

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Have you tried the Patanjali atta noodles lately? Well, noodle lovers must be happy that Baba Ramdev has come up with instant noodles! The latest entrant in the instant noodles arena, atta noodles by Patanjali have been able to garner attention because they are claimed to be healthy, without any harmful substances added. Being Baba Ramdev’s product, there have been a lot of expectations. Let us discuss the same in this post!

Now, with Maggi noodles too being back after a while, the comparisons between the two are evident. The comparison should be made with Maggi’s vegetable atta variant though! You can read about the Maggi’s ban here!

Price comparison!

Price: Patanjali instant atta noodles cost just Rs. 15 and are cheaper than Maggi’s atta noodles which are priced at Rs. 25.

What is good about Patanjali atta noodles?

patanjali atta noodles review

Let us see what’s good about Patanjali instant atta noodles!

No.1: These instant noodles do not contain lead or monosodium glutamate (MSG).

No.2: The noodles are made out of whole wheat flour.

No.3: The salt used in these noodles is the healthy iodized one.

No. 4: Rice bran oil is used to make these noodles instead of palm oil that is often used by other brands.

No. 5: The masala mix contains healthy spices like cumin seeds, turmeric, onion, ginger and garlic.

The cons of Patanjali instant atta noodles!

patanjali-noodles- review- ingredients

The noodles don’t have added MSG (E621) but it does have two flavour enhancers namely- E627 and E631. These flavour enhancers are not good for health at all. E631 is made from tapioca starch but usually it is made from non-veg sources. Being a Bama Ramdev product they must be using only plant sources but even then the flavour enhancer is by no means good for health.

Both the flavour enhancers E627 and E631 are not permitted in food meant for kids and infants. And noodles are something that kids totally love! So, even if Patanjali noodles don’t have added MSG and lead, they are by no means a healthier option. The manufacturers should have skipped the flavour enhancers completely.

How do Patanjali noodles taste?

The noodles are more chewy as they are made out of whole wheat and are more spicy. The taste is not that great. It could have been a good choice if it was really healthy, but now it is not! Not having lead and MSG in it is not enough.

Want to have instant noodles still?

It is a fact that instant noodles have a huge market in India. Kids seem to be loving them and most people want things to be done at the swish of the wand; thanks to our ultra fast lifestyle. However, if all of us shift to healthier options it would definitely be better. Why should we ingest flavour enhancers? You can make yummy upma from rava at home in a matter for 15 mins. The time may be more but you at least are relieved that it has no harmful ingredients in it!

Rating…. 2/5

Hope this post- ‘Patanjali Instant Atta Noodles Review-How Safe Are They?’ has been useful!

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