6 Signs That You Should Pay Attention To Yourself


Signs That You Should Pay Attention To Yourself

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These days all of us are living digital lives. We are on the go 24×7 as work is always there. But this practice of working round the clock can affect your mindset, performance and creativity. Working all the time will make it very hard to show our best selves. This is the sad truth of those who work in the IT industry.

How To Re-energize Yourself When Tired

You need to recharge yourself and take breaks. Now, how would you know that it is time to take a break and indulge in self-care? Well, your body will give you the signals; you just need to pay heed to them. It is time to pay attention to yourself!

1) You get easily annoyed

When things don’t go as planned, do you get annoyed? This is the first sign of being overworked. You are annoyed with things at work, at home, almost everywhere. It is time to show some compassion towards yourself. Identify the actual problem. Take less of work home, try to manage office matters such that you leave office on time.

2) You are late always

You just have the urge to get one more thing done and this habit of yours makes you get late. Though your intentions are good, being late makes things stressful for you. Another reason why you are late is because you are totally burnt out and seek some me time.

When this happens, reduce your workload, ask for time off. Go for a break to a location that fills your mind with peace. It may not necessarily be a fancy vacation, something simple should do!

3) You have difficulty in sleeping or have anxiety

sleep tricks

Sleeping difficulty can be due to many things but mostly it is related to stress. If you also have anxiety attacks it means that your mind and body is looking for a break.

When you feel stressed, you should go for a walk outdoors. Jot down your to-do list in a journal before hitting the bed to get better sleep. Though this is temporary, do try taking a break from your routine.

4) You don’t remember the last time you were idle

When you are busily working all the time, you have feelings of accomplishment and power. However, not taking time to rejuvenate ourselves can make us miss out on things like knowing our hidden powers, enjoying life and making a connection with ourselves. Taking time off for yourself is not a sin, you need to do it!

5) You are not cooking, exercising or sleeping enough

Exercising, sleeping and cooking are reflections of being healthy and happy. Okay, you have a maid to cook but exercising and sleeping can be done by you alone :P. If you are not able to do enough of those, it is a solid sign of the fact that you need self-care.

Remove activities that are not giving you the time to sleep well or exercise. Insert back happiness into your life.

6) Taking a day off seems weird

If taking time off work makes you feel weird, you are desperately in need of one. You need to spend time to do things that light up your soul. Go hiking, visit friends, practice yoga, write your heart out. Do anything that gives you happiness.

Self care is essential to show up your best self. It is not a sign of weakness but that of self-love.

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