How PCOS Begins In The Brain And Not The Ovaries?


PCOS Begins In The Brain And Not The Ovaries – Find out!

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According to a latest study, the most common and unbearable reproductive condition PCOS can start in the brain and not in the ovaries as it has been thought to be all this while.

PCOS affects 1 in every 10 women all over the world. Anyone suffering from the condition or knows someone with it will be aware of how immensely frustrating it can be.

How I Cured PCOS Naturally

It has a variety of symptoms to offer, right from weight gain, ovarian cysts, difficulty in ovulating, heavy periods, acne, facial hair and depression. It can take a lot of time for a woman to get diagnosed.

When it comes to treatment options, most women are told to take hormonal medications to manage the symptoms but nothing is done to weed out the underlying cause.

The long-term effects of PCOS can cause metabolic disorders like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and hormonal dysfunction (including infertility). PCOS is the cause of 75% of the infertility caused by a woman’s inability to ovulate.


In spite of the severity of  PCOS, researchers did not understand how it arises and how to treat it.

PCOS Begins In The Brain And Not The Ovaries

The latest research done by researchers on mice has revealed that scientists and doctors have been looking at the wrong piece of the puzzle so far. It is time that treatments be developed to treat the cause of PCOS, the excess androgen in the ovary as well as the brain. Prior to this, researchers knew that an increase in androgens was linked to the start of PCOS but exactly where and how the androgens act in the body wasn’t understood properly.

Excess androgen or hyperandrogenism is the most consistent characteristic of PCOS. However, it was still unclear whether the condition is a cause of PCOS or consequence. So, the researchers surged ahead to find out!

There were 4 groups of mice:

  • A group of normal mice
  • A group of genetically engineered mice with no androgen receptors in the body
  • A group of genetically engineered mice with no androgen receptors (ARs) in just their brains.
  • A group with only ARs missing from the ovaries

The scientists then made use of a high dose of androgen to try to trigger PCOS in all 4 mice groups.

The control group developed PCOS as expected but the ones with entirely missing ARs or just missing from the brain didn’t get PCOS.

Surprisingly, the mice with ARs missing from the ovaries also developed the condition although at a rate lower than the control group. This directly means that androgens acting on the ovaries are not the only causes of PCOS. Also, the action of androgens on the brain is also essential in PCOS development.

All this means that if there is a way of stopping excess androgens in the brain can be the dawn of a new way of treating PCOS.

So far, the study has been done on mice alone. The results have to be replicated in humans to get the clear picture. The study is still in its infancy but is very promising and can help people with PCOS.

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