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PCOS, Indian Women And Diet

pcos diet

POLY CYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME (PCOS) is a very complex yet common endocrine disorder, commonly seen in women of age group of 12-45 yrs. (reproductive age). It is more like an epidemic these days as one in every three females is either suffering from PCOS or a thyroid disorder- (hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism).

What is PCOS?

  • At times ovaries in an ultrasound may look enlarged as it may contain many “small cysts”. These might be located on the outer edge of ovaries. These look like “a string of BEADS”.

PCOS diet

  • Ovaries fail to release eggs.
  • Higher level of male hormones than normal, or male hormones that are more active than normal

Even if only two of the above features are present, this is enough to confirm PCOS.

Why PCOS happens?

Cause is unknown. But mostly it is a genetic disorder or seen in families where members are suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity.

How can PCOS be diagnosed?

In most cases, getting the conclusive diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome comes from the appearance of your ovaries in an ultrasound done by a doctor.

Here a special mention, in many cases ultrasound does not reveal PCOS. But, a person shows majorly all its symptoms.

Symptoms of PCOS

  • Irregular periods with weight gain
  • Excessive facial and body hair (hirsutism)
  • Problems in getting pregnant
  • Acne, Hair fall and Hair thinning
  • Insulin resistance – means the inability of body to use insulin effectively. This will result in high blood insulin levels causing PCOS.

Are PCOS and hypothyroidism related ?


Mostly females suffering from hypothyroidism have many symptoms in common with PCOS, such as “anovulation” i.e. menstruation without releasing an egg cell. A long term anovulation can be the cause of PCOS. Its related low progesterone is another cause of concern.

Treatment and Cure for PCOS

There’s no cure for PCOS, but the symptoms are treatable.

  • To help regulate the menstrual cycle and improve hair growth, specific contraceptive or drugs such as clomid and metformin may be prescribed by doctor.
  • Change in lifestyle, weight management becomes essential for health management.
  • Diet related changes also help in controlling its symptoms.

PCOS and Infertility

This is for all the beautiful women who are reading this and are struggling to start their families.

  • There are treatment options for infertility caused by PCOS.
  • There’s medication to increase ovulation which is to be taken under gynecologist guidance.

So the good news is many women with fertility problems due to PCOS can still have a baby.

Diet Instructions for PCOS women

  • Eat the right kind of food. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits and protein-rich food.
  • Have green vegetables as it contains a lot of folic acid in them. Folic acid is often advised by gynecologists to women who are planning to conceive or who already are pregnant.
  • Consume vitamin C-rich food by eating plenty of fruits like orange, lemon, sweet lime, grape-fruit, and grapes.
  • Alcohol and smoking is a big NO.
  • Eat whole-grain foods instead of processed, refined foods such as wheat flour (maida). Also, whole fruit instead of fruit juice will maintain insulin and blood sugar levels.
  • Avoid cakes, pastries, junk food, colas, jams and pickles.
  • Eat foods that are high in fiber as they will also cause a slower, more controlled rise in blood sugar and insulin levels.
  • Whole legumes and vegetables in your diet are a must.
  • Add fiber to help you manage your sugar levels.
  • Combine protein and carbohydrates as protein helps to regulate the blood sugar spike caused by the carbs.
  • Eat small, healthy meals more frequently to manage cravings and hunger pangs and NEVER miss breakfast!
  • Corn, soy, cottonseed, and grapeseed oils should be avoided.
  • Also avoid chemical in the form of preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners and colorings.

Share your PCOS experiences here. We are listening.

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  1. Minisha – Thanks for sharing such a valuable article :). I am sure many women will benefit from this. I think I should also do a PCOS profiling soon.

  2. Very nice!! helpful piece of information !!

    People often say that PCOS is only a problem to worry about when a woman wants to get pregnant. I was just wondering can PCOS give rise to other more complicated diseases? Is a woman affected from PCOS prone to other diseases?

  3. Hi Tarun Preet,

    i usually advice my clients to get themselves checked for PCOS….
    its spreading like an epidemic these days..

  4. Hi aanchal,

    I have mentioned in my article relation between PCOS and thyroid disorder.
    Diabetes as well.

  5. Hi, Thanks for sharing the information. It gives us more understanding on how PCOS is. I have PCOS and with exercise and diet, I have managed to control my weight. Its 57kgs and I’m about 5 feet 3 inches. But I have facial hair which is still troubling especially on the chin area. I would like to know if there is a remedy or medications that would help.

  6. hey i really really like your blogs, they actually are very useful,i just wanted to request you that could you post any diet plan for pcos patient who are the beginners and want some plan to start of with…that would be a great favor to do so 🙂 Thnks and keep on posting good stuff

  7. i got my usg done and pcod was detected i had hair over legs onli befre but sinc a few days i observed fine grwth over throat i am taking oosure and yamini prescribed by doc ..is it ok what els i need to do..m 23 unmarried

  8. i wangtmy my legs clean free from these hard unwanted hairs which i am scared to devolop on other areas …is the medicine prescribed ok what do u advice ..is it treatable…

  9. hey tarun need ur help i am big fan of ur page …m loosing weight as i gain in last 3 month about 7 to 8 kg but now i have loose quite off… now my weight is same as it was before but its too much …have to reduce near about 7 kg and m also doing walk, yoga, dance m also try to eat healthy as much as i can n water too ..but i am not loosing fat of tummy n inner thigh i dont know what is reason behing can u suggest me something…

  10. Hey Minisha,
    Please guide me. M suffering from PCOS and its been 4 year. I have take medication but with no effect. The medication works for few months and then the problem is back. Recently I switched to Homeopathic medicines so as to avoid the side effects of allopathy. Also my schedule is a lot hectic. And at the end of the day i feel no energy left. Also Since i m stressed most of the times i end up eating more. 🙁

  11. hey Minisha, am slightly confused…i have been advised a high protein low carb deit for IR..and soyabean tops the list. However, I also suffer from PCOS. Plesr solve the predicament.

  12. Hi Minisha .I was diagnosed with PCOS this January .I concieved in May however had a miscarriage after a month.My gynae suggested me to avoid stress ,eating healthier and excercing.I have started exercising and avoid eating out or anything unhealthy.

    While browsing the internet regarding pcos ,I read at a couple of posts that diary products should be completed avoided in PCOS.Milk and curd is something which we consume almost on daily basis ,do you think I should stop consuming dairy products .What is your opinion ?

  13. Hi,

    Dairy should not be avoided..if you are following low carb diet plan then u can have dairy and if you are low fat and high carbs then u can go for skimmed milk ,soya milk etc.

  14. Hi i too hve pcod/pcos .i m new in mumbai n lookin.for a best gyne here. please help i m.following a gud healthy diets. also my.husband is helping me come.over it but i m stressed becoz now we want a baby and its seems difficult.

  15. Thanks Anamika I am following a low carb diet.I have completely cut out sugar and white flour.I have included a lot of millets n flax seeds in my daily diet.So I guess I can continue with dairy ,I usually have 1 glass of milk with bournvita(skimmed) n 2 bowls of curd everyday .

  16. hiii
    this is Preeti,I m 24,unmarried I m suffering this PCOD
    n this article that told causes n all r all seen in me.this problem was detected when was 19 year old I don’t gave much attention to it but now m aware of this n how much it can affect my future….all I need is to overcome from this disease doc prescribed me some tablets for regulating periods.I want to know soya is high in protein then why its a no for PCOD patients.
    what food should I need to eat…..????

  17. Hi
    This is manasa ..Married and m diagnosed by PCOD my height is 168cm and currently am aroung 68 kg ..My Doc said to loosed atleast 8kgs of weight and i get irregular periods..Can you suggest me any specific Indian Diet plan to follow.


  18. I am mehernaz.I am 17.I was diagnosed with pcos about 5 months ago.I was 47 kgs,now I am 54.I don’t even get my periods.I am confused,what should I do?

  19. Stay in touch with our blog Meher and you will find very informative articles about PCOS which will be able to help you with your ailment.

  20. I m 33 years old female . my ht is 5.3 and weight is 120 kg. M unmarried. I have hyperprolactemia and have unwanted hairs on my chin and body. Plz help me to reduce my weight.

  21. Hi. I’m 28 yrs old, have pcos ever since I started with my periods i.e. at the age of 12 yrs. It’s a hereditary for me. We are trying to conceive since 1.5 yrs. I recently had ovarian drilling. I’m also doing exercises to lose weight but in vain

  22. Hi soya is not allowed as it increases estrogen hormone in women that is already high in pcos women.. I completely left soya which i love eating in ao many forma..????????? but what can we do.. The hormones that r high in us estrogen is that one male hormone i guess male hormone it is that increases facial hair n can even thicken our voice like manly tone in extreme cases so we shud avoid soyabean n soya milk also i guess.. Consuming once in a month though in less amount will not create any problem i guess

  23. Idli have less calories ???? n its fermented form so u can eat n replace maslaa dosa with onion dosa or palak dosa n with less oil.. As u r in hostel try eating less oily food dear.. Am also fighting with pcos and learning new things everyday.. Avoid stress everyone by exercising dancing, watching comedy shows or laugh aise hi… It will help u… Stress takes us away from the world…

  24. I’m 19+, recently cm 2 know m suffering from pcos.. I’m trying 2 lose weight since 1 year.. Its not working… Now, i can understand why can’t i reduce weight… Is it really not possible to lose weight ?

  25. i hv pcos from last 4 years i tried both allopethic and ayurvedic but nt result i hv very irregular periods and weight is also some much higher than my bmi 65 and height 5.1 i am married trying for pregnance but nt result please help me

  26. Sheetal, do visit a gynaec. Your irregular periods need to be fixed first! Secondly, pcod is a lifestyle disease. You need to improve your eating habits and shed some weight. Healthy food with proper medication is the only way to get rid of it!

  27. thanx 4 rply bt i m vd touch to gynace for last 4 year i am on duphaston 10 mg and fertomid 50 mg 3 cycle but no response when i an taking duphaston my periods r regular but its not permanent to cure pcos please suggest me your eating habits your deit menu so i control my weight

  28. Hi To All,

    I am Pushpa age 31 unmarried ht 5.5 wt 95 kg i am pcod patient. When i am browsing internet i show ur website quite interesting can u please suggested to reduce my weight. Tried lot of method to reduce my weight but its not working like walking, mini miles i am not eating rice etc.

    Waiting for ur reply

  29. Hola! I am 25 years old and battling with pcos. My height is 5ft….can you suggest me a diet chart which is dairy and soy free plus low on GI?? Or should I go for veg GM diet? I am an eggetarian

  30. Hi Dear,

    I can so understand your frustration . In pcos, loosing 5lbs can take months but to gain it can take 1 day.
    Plz follow simple things as follow:
    1. Avoid Gluten, Dairy, Sugar products completely.
    2. Avoid Soy
    3. Avoid Foods which have High Glycemic Index (GI) like rice/ potato.
    4. Exercise atleast 30 mints for 3/4 days a week or more.

    I can assure you will loose wt.

    Good Luck.

  31. hii…i was diagnosed with pcod 2 years ago…please let me know what are some natural remedies?
    i dont want to gain weight…i have left sugar,noodles,bread and every junk food..i do yoga and exercise…please recommend me some more tips..i am so stressed :'(

  32. Hey I m 18 years, diagnosed with pcos last month, I m very stressed, my weight is continously increasing, I m completely feeling shattered now from last 3 months I am skipping my periods, my Dr has adviced me to make cahnges in my lifestyle, I am afraid about my future fertility, plsssssss help me I really want to overcome this disease as soon as possible

  33. Hi Ayushi,

    I too probably had this problem since my teenage years.. but lack of awareness at that point prevented me from taking any corrective steps. It was only later in my early twenties that I become weight conscious and started working out just to fit into good clothes. As I started working out, initially the weight loss was very slow…but as my fitness levels increased I started high intensity cardio exercises and in 7 months I had lost around 14 kgs.. During this point I strictly avoided all sort of junk food and sugar. My periods were back on track !! (From having them once in 4 -5 months to having them regularly every 28 days was kind of miracle for me)
    Then came job and marriage and my healthy lifestyle went for a toss.. I did not have the time and energy to cook healthy meals and exercise. Slowly I started gaining weight again..:(. Not much may be 3 to 4 kgs.. but even with this small weight gain, the periods started getting delayed by 10 days or so..
    Then came to most dreaded fear.. Would I be able to concieve? Well, after trying for 1.5 year I knew there was some medical intervention needed. So after consulting with a doctor I was put on certain medications which would help me ovulate. And in the very first month of starting the medication I had concieved!! Today I am a proud momma to my beautiful 2 year old daughter and still continue to fight PCOS.

    So Ayushi and other PCOS sufferers out there trying to concieve please do not loose hope as there are lot of medical help available to tackle the fertlity issues. But yes, alongwith the medicines we need to have a healthy lifestyle too (clean eating + daily exercise).


  34. Hi, I am also in the exact same condition as you are in. I am following below:

    Whole grain oats (not quakar oats)
    Brown rice
    green veg salad
    (no Mango, chiku, banana and grapes and dates)
    (no dairy items)
    Almonds and walnuts and figs
    Water 2-3 ltr
    2 cups green tea

  35. Hey i am 23 years old diagnosed with pcos from last year . My weight is continually increasing have unwanted hair on my chin and body please hlp me to reduce weight and facil hair growth . Also tell it is possible reduce hair growth if i reduce my weight. Plz plz hlp me i am very stressed. Please answered my question soon …in my email

  36. 1st you need to understand that ur facial hair growth is because of more testosterone and your weight gaining is due to insulin sensitivity. Both happen in PCOS, you should follow a diet which is only PCOS friendly, which means you have to eat/drink those items which have low GL ( Glycemic load). By following this (with HIIT workout) you can reduce weight which will help your body to response well to insulin and lowering testosterone level. once you control this, your facial/ body hair will start reducing, for visibility result in this you must be patient, it wont happen overnight. Good luck 🙂

  37. i m olso having ths pcos .. doctor has ultrasound in which my both ovaries are swollen .. my periods are not coming from last 2 months .. wat should i do ?

  38. Hi. I am 32 yrs old and a mother of 3yrs old. I was diagnosed with PCOS 16yrs ago and ever since it’s been a battle of some sort or the other. Of lately I have been having a lot of hair loss around the crown. A visit to a trichologist was even more depressing as there were some very expensive and invasive procedures suggested to save what is left. And there is no assurance of the procedure benefiting me as there is always a 10% chance of it not working on me. For the time being i have been put on couple of supplements and take metmorphin everyday. I am extremely saddened by this and for the first time in so many years feeling a sense of defeat. I workout 5 times in a week and follow a healthy diet and is overweight by 6kgs. Can you please suggest how can i over come this?

  39. Mam can u tell me some of proper diet chart plan for PCOD according to weight-60 and height-5″3 age 29 unmarried so that i can follow the diet chart and go through that routine.

  40. Hi I have pcos and gained weight almost 10 ks. Have irregular periods. I’m 5.6 and 25 years old. My weight is 65. I have started walking for 30 minutes day and night. Can I eat ragi java, lion dates and oats which are available in the supermarket? Please help me

  41. It is surely possible to lose weight with pcod. We have success stories posted here in our blog. If you want to buy our weight-loss program please contact us on whatsapp number 8375064698

  42. Hii….I have been diagnosed with pcos from past 8 months….I am unable to lose my weight….please guide me on diet

  43. Hi Madhavi, we have many posts on our blog about weight loss for PCOD /PCOS. You can search and in case if you wish to go for a professional personalized weight loss meal plan, then you can contact Kanan on 8375064698 on WhatsApp for more details about our Paid Weight loss programs.

  44. Hi,

    I have PCOS. The hair fall is troubling me like anything. I feel I will become bald soon. Any medication especially for hairfall?

  45. people say you are not supposed to eat processed food. Does this mean I should not eat the ready to eat oats available in the market?

  46. hi im 22 year old and i recently came to know that i have pcod ,im too stressed about it my weight is 54kgs and height is 5feet 2inches i have thyroid too and im on medications ….im worried about wether i will ever have regular periods and become pregnant


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