How To Maintain Weight With PCOS

weight loss tips with PCOS

Maintain Weight With PCOS

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PCOS is something that needs to be taken care of with utmost attention and peculiarity. Working out is one way to keep it under control along with a healthy diet plan. There are many shortcomings in the same that lessen the effectiveness of recovery efforts. Here, we shall talk about the various pitfalls that need to be avoided in order to maximize the benefits of exercising while taking care of PCOS.

Lack of Intensity while exercising

Exercise is vital for PCOS as physical activity helps the body to make metabolic changes that are necessary for its management. The improvements in the metabolic state, such as increased insulin sensitivity and reduced cholesterol gives way to more balanced hormones. The changes in the metabolic system are responsible for long term weight management along with the reduction of risks of heart diseases and diabetes.

How can we decide if our workout is intense or not?

Intense physical activity should show results such as sweating and heavy breathing in minutes. Talking, while intense physical activity should be tough. As per your fitness level, the workout must vary between 15-30 minutes. This time should not be including warm-up and cooling downtime. On average, you should aim for 2-4 intense workouts each week.


Lack of Resistance

Muscle strengthening is the best defence against PCOS. It is recommended to get 2-3 sessions of resistance training each week. Also simply having dumbbells in your hands doesn’t mean that you are building muscles. If you spend 2-3 weeks lifting the same kettlebell, then surely you are wasting your time.

To build muscles, you change the metabolic rate, you need to challenge your inner self. Either of the mentioned can be practised:

  • Increase the weight you are lifting

  • Try advanced versions of the exercises

  • Change the repetitions or the sets

Excessive Exercise

Hard work and recovery are the two most important things required in order to observe real changes. If you are not providing your body with any rest time, you’ll not be able to heal, recover and gain strength. You should be taking a day or two off from your weekly workout. But you should be physically active on those days too, like for example, you can switch to long walks or yoga for that matter. It is sometimes possible that excessive exercise pushes PCOS in certain cases, thus an observed exercise pattern should be followed.

Excessive Clean Eating

This does not directly mean that you can add a few Oreos to make your diet better. Women tend to eat a lot when they are exercising. It is better known as a phenomenon called compensatory eating. It is something more needed by our brains rather than our bellies. Some women actually overeat because they think that after the hard exercise, they have earned it. Well, this can be a dangerous thing to follow. It is the hard truth that it is harder to burn calories than to consume them. If you keep following this, then it will be hard to actually lose weight. When you exercise, you are bound to feel hungry, but that hunger should be catered with some healthy post-workout meals.

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Apart from all this, continuous mentoring should be kept on your progress to strive for each extra calorie each day.

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