Pea Milk – Is It Better Than Dairy Milk?


Pea Milk – Is It Better Than Dairy Milk?

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There are a plenty of non-dairy milk alternatives around us these days. To give company to rice, soya, nuts, coconut and seed milk, there is a new kind of non-dairy milk called pea milk. This plant-based milk is vegan, free of lactose and gluten. It is made with pea protein using yellow peas.

In the market, there are differently flavoured versions of pea milk that range from sweetened, unsweetened to chocolate and vanilla flavours. Also, the milk is most often fortified with vitamins needed by the body.

Let us get into the details of this non-dairy milk.

Pea milk – what is it?

Pea milk is a creamy non-dairy milk alternative which is made from yellow split peas. This milk is free of soya, nuts and gluten. It contains the same amount of protein that is present in dairy milk and is a low-calorie beverage in comparison to dairy. Additionally, pea milk has DHA and omega 3 fatty acids with iron and vitamin D that are very important for your health.

The flavour of this milk is pleasant and earthy (not like pea at all). Its texture is silky, creamy and not that heavy. However, it has a chalky after-taste.

What are the benefits of using pea milk?

1) The amount of protein in pea milk is same as what is found in cow milk. This means that it provides you with enough energy and helps you stay full for a longer period of time. Hunger pangs can be kept at bay with this plant-based milk.

2)  This milk does not have nuts and gluten in it and is therefore free of common allergies. The plant-based milk is suitable for anyone who is lactose intolerant or suffers from nut allergy. You can use pea milk to make your beverages healthier!

3) Pea milk is neither green in colour nor does it have a pea like taste. So, you need not worry at all and use it in your beverages.

4) Almond milk has been a lot in use lately as it is also a good non-dairy milk alternative. However, studies reveal that making almond milk can harm the environment. On the other hand, the carbon footprint of peas, pulses and beans is the lowest. Peas need less amount of water to be grown when compared to dairy. Plus, peas give nutrients back to the soil keeping the cycle going. It is always important that you consider the betterment of the environment before trying a new food trend.

5) Being a low-calorie option when compared to dairy milk, you can add it to your diet plan if you are planning to lose weight.

The limitations of pea milk

Just like other non-dairy milks, this milk is also more expensive than cow milk.

Though it is a great source of protein and omega 3s, there is a lack of certain nutrients that only dairy milk can provide you with. This is probably why cow milk is referred to as a wholesome meal.

Do take the advice of your nutritionist before switching to pea milk.

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