Pedometer Review : Omron HJ 203


Pedometer Review : Omron HJ 203

Walking is one exercise that can help pave the way to fitness and good health, but do we know if we are taking enough steps to get desired results? Using a pedometer can help you achieve fitness goals. A pedometer offers motivation and accountability and is a good reminder that each and every step counts when it comes to good health.

Pedometer Review : Omron HJ 203

In the last two years of my serious weight loss journey one thing that helped me most is my Omron HJ 203 pedometer.

Pedometer Review : Omron HJ 203

I read somewhere that it takes 10000 steps daily to start losing weight and the next morning what I actually did was, literally started counting my steps while walking. 😛 Now I realize how stupid it was to do so as I was never able to count them in the right way. Then came the awareness and wisdom about buying a pedometer. I needed one and bought online the Omron HJ 203 Walk Style Step Counter Pedometer.

It is a portable fitness tool that keeps track of active walkers’ daily physical activity and allows more accurate step counting. With this you can now manage your steps effectively by simply wearing the Omron walking style pedometer.

Walking as an exercise to lose those unwanted kilos became such fun after I got my pedometer delivered home. All I had to do was walk as much as I could and check with a click of a button if I reached my goal of 10000 steps. Counting steps is a great way to stay fit, and is fun also. I just had to calibrate my stride and time (which I could easily with the help of the clear instructions given in the manual provided).

OMRON STEP COUNTER HJ-203 PEDOMETER comes with wonderful features like LCD display powered by a Lithium CR2032 non-rechargeable battery, this walk style step counter pedometer comes with a battery low indicator that adds to the convenience. The battery lasts up to 1.5 years of usage. (Mine is still going strong even after two years so I am yet to see that indicator) J

It has Dual-axis Technology with Dual Sensor technology which makes possible its horizontal and vertical usage that means it can be kept in your pocket and even handbag too and it still will count steps perfectly. This walk style pedometer automatically records a maximum of 99,000 steps and covers a maximum distance of 9,999.90 km.

It also helps record a maximum calorie burn count of 99,999 kcal and fat burn too. This means that when you wish to check on your step count you can get the details like how many steps, how many kilometers and how many calories and gm of fat you have walked off.


Great isn’t it 🙂 ? The reset function option in this power device adds to the convenience of maintaining fitness log. Can you ask for anything more?

One of the best things that I like is the 7 Days Memory Record feature… oh! How much I love to keep checking in between my walks if I have bettered my step counts since the previous day. I love to see those numbers increasing daily. 😀 Counting steps with a pedometer can motivate you to keep walking. That is how I did it. My Omron HJ 203 motivated me to exceed from 2000 steps to 28259 steps.

Omron HJ 203 pedometer review

Since it keeps a close watch of your step count and your calories burnt, this walk style step counter pedometer from Omron helps you in your dieting regime and encourages you to reach your daily walking target. One of the significant features of this pedometer from Omron is its interval measurement mode that records walking activity for specific walking sessions, within a definite period of time. This is a simpler way of improving your health and fitness and remaining active throughout the day.

It weighs just 19 g with dimensions of 35.5 x 68.5 x 11 mm. and is custom-made to suit all your fitness requirements. The security strap attached to this electric device gives the convenience of hanging it around your wrist, placing in your pocket or clipping it to your bag on the go. In addition to this, the 24 hour time display helps you keep a note of all your fitness sessions.

If you want to improve blood circulation, weight loss, blood glucose levels and rejuvenate your daily workout routine to stay healthy then this smart walk style step counter pedometer is a must buy.

Available online with a price tag of 1050 INR. Not a big price to pay for good health moreover it’s worth each and every penny spent for. “STRONGLY RECOMMENDED” 🙂 You can buy it from here.

Rating…. 4/5

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