Fruit And Vegetable Peels Can Help Weight Loss, How?


Fruit And Vegetable Peels Can Help Weight Loss, How? Find Out!

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We are just going crazy looking for ways to include more and more fiber in our daily diet. Now we have found out that fruit and vegetable peels can help weight loss, let us see how?

Fruits and vegetable are very healthy but should they be eaten along with their peel or not? This question has been asked quite a few times. How do you eat your fruits and veggies? Do you peel them every time without giving it a second thought?

Habitually, peels are discarded because they are exposed to chemicals and pesticides. However, the real nutrients may lie in the peels and you can miss out on something important!

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Find out – Are peels good for weight loss or not? Keep reading!

You get more nutrients with the peels

Peels have nutrients but the quantity varies depending on the type of fruit or veggie. However, most of the time, non-peeled veggies and fruits have more amounts of vitamins and minerals when compared to the peeled produce. So that means eating your fruits and veggies with the peels can increase your nutrient consumption. Isn’t that an easy way of upping your nutrient intake? We all know that when we get complete nutrition, weight loss becomes an easier process.

Peels keep you full

Due to the presence of high amounts of fiber, fruit and veggie peels can keep you full for longer.

Studies say that the fiber present in fruits and veggies are called viscous fiber and is quite effective in suppressing appetite. Fiber is also food for the friendly bacteria residing in your gut and you need to take of the little folks! The gut bacteria produce fatty acids that further help in making you feel full which in turn makes weight loss easier.

Peels prevent diseases

The risk of many diseases gets reduced when you consume fruits and veggies as they have antioxidants in them. They fight free radicals in the body and save healthy cells from getting harmed.

The risk of diseases like cancer and heart disease get reduced by intake of antioxidants. Research says that antioxidants are concentrated in the outer layer of fruits and vegetables and that means you need to eat the peel too to get more health as well as weight loss benefits.

Peels you should discard

There are some peels that are inedible. Have a look at them!

pineapple_tummy flattening foods

weight maintain avocado

  • Avocado
  • Melon
  • Pineapples
  • Bananas
  • Onion

The peels that can be consumed after cooking are:

pumpkin fat burning food

  • Winter squash
  • Pumpkin peels
  • Citrus fruit peels

The peels that are difficult to clean need to be simply discarded too!

Peels and pesticides

Pesticides are present in both organically grown and conventionally grown produce. Washing the fruits and veggies prior to consumption gets rid of some of the pesticides on the surface but peeling is the best way to remove pesticides. Those concerned about pesticide exposure can eat only the flesh of fruits and veggies and not the peel. However, peeling the produce is only a slightly more effective way of getting rid of pesticides than washing, so you can eat the peel as there isn’t much difference.

The final word

To sum up, you should eat the peel of fruits and vegetables because they are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. A few good servings of fiber filled fruits can go a long way to help you lose weig

There are some peels that are not suitable for consumption and need to be discarded. But, the ones that are edible should be consumed when possible.

Did you find the answer for the question –  Are Fruit And Vegetable Peels Good For Weight Loss?

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