What People Comment During Your Weight Loss Journey


What People Comment During Yourย Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss is not a goal but a tough and tiring journey.

weight loss journey

People who have gone through this journey or who are going through now, would relate to this post very well. We have already discussed that society is very judgmental to overweight or obese people. Avoid your esteem getting hurt,check out the post here.

It is easy to avoid strangers who pass comments on you but what about your known people like your friends, colleagues, distant family members so on and so forth. There are certain comments/remarks/questions that you would have to face during your weight loss journey.

Let me put this post in a conversational tone, to express what I go through when people react at my weight loss journey and how do I respond !

Have you lost any weight?

I really just don’t want to answer this question. I absolutely hate people’s eyes scrtinizing me from head to toe. On one such instances, my nosey neighbour stared at me so hard, as soon as she asked if I had lost weight, I said “No” and I stared back in her eyes.

On another instance I replied “Oooh yes, I gave my weight to you” . Evil me ๐Ÿ˜€

I thought you are trying to lose weight and I see you are eating butter/ghee?

One of my curt reply to an extremely nonsense cousin was – “Don’t use your brains please”. On another occassion, I replied “I like being fat, that’s why I am eating butter”. Grh&*&(*&(*^&(^*(^*%^*%*

Seems you have lost weight

This is usually a sarcasm, not a praise. I replied – “No, just the fit of my clothes you see” . ROFL ๐Ÿ˜€ .

Ooh I am trying to gain weight, give me some

Oooh yeah, I wish there were some fat transfer machine. I would have given my fat to you on all wrong places ๐Ÿ˜› . Usually, I smile and say – “You are perfect” and the person is in cloud 9 and I get an easy escape. Phew…

Oh, eating less does not make you lose weight

Yeah right, me a weight loss blogger and you a ……… , fill in the blanks for me please. For some people, having soups, salads, green veggies, chicken or fish is eating less. Eating properly perhaps would mean eating bread, rice, rotis, vegables rottening in refined oil, oily pickles and a lot more.
I am such an evil, I replied to a pushy relative, “My digestive system is very weak, I might throw up if I eat all what you are serving.” . Case closed, she did not pester me. Then I smiled and made a remark -“Nice carpet”. Lol, she would be thinking I should not throw up on her carpet. Hahahhahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

I exercise more than you

Now if the person is fat, my reply would be “Yeah I can see” . You hit me , I hit you back. If the person is skinny, my reply would be “Yeah I can see the sideeffects” ๐Ÿ˜‰ . Fit people never brag in front of a dieter, for all they know what it takes to progress !

You are saying No to a desert?

Yes you heard it right. But I don’t mind repeating it for you, “Noooooooooooooooooooo”

Don’t you crave for foods you love?

Thanks for reminding me about cravings. I replied once – “No I am not human” followed by a straight face.

I took all the above comments in my stride. But sometimes you do end up getting hurt. I felt bad on two personal occasions.

My mom recently said – “I prepared your favorite dishes. Are you going to eat nothing?”. This was when I went to my native place after an year. Now I understand these are my favourite foods but if I eat them once, my progress goes back by a week and I begin to crave more. I ate 2-3 spoon full, and she said – “Let it be, Il make eggs for you”. People who love you, will understand and support you like no one else <3

In another instance, I was calling customer care of an online shopping website requesting return of a dress that I bought from them recently. My flatmate asked me “Which dress” out of anxiety and I showed her the dress. She asked me she could try and I said “why not”. The dress fit her properly. I was thinking she will say she wants to keep the dress. Instead, she said – ” Its fitting me properly, how come its lose for you”. I was almost speechless because I could not think what to answer. I live with 2 of my friends and when we started staying together, I weighed the maximum. In these few months, she has gained a few kilos and I have lost a lot of weight which she fails to notice. Sadly, she is too blind to see that she has taken my position of …….fill in the blanks !

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