How Some People Stay Skinny Without Dieting?


Want To Know How Some People Stay Skinny Without Dieting?

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Do you have a friend who simply shovels down food but does not gain any weight? Yes? On the other hand you are someone who exercises religiously and watches portion size but still the bulges appear? Yes to that too? It must be immensely frustrating!

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Wondering how some people stay skinny without dieting? Well, keep reading.

How Some People Stay Skinny Without Dieting?

The reasons are as follows:

1) Missing fat enzyme

According to research, individuals who do not seem to gain weight no matter how much they eat may be lacking a crucial digestive enzyme that determines how fat should be metabolized. This fat enzyme is called MGAT2 and it normally controls the conversion of fat into energy or its storage.

In the absence of this enzyme, the body will not be able to store or utilize fat as it usually should. This way the person will not suffer from obesity, glucose intolerance and fatty liver.

2) NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)

You must have heard of this term if you are into calorie counting. Yes, this term ‘NEAT’ appears in calorie counting calculations. It refers to energy expenditure that occurs while carrying out day to day activities or in short your existence. Exercises and planned workouts are not included. It covers the simple daily activities like taking a shower, brushing teeth and tapping your feet while listening to music.

Experts believe that simply being seated and fidgeting at work and adding to NEAT can increase your metabolic rate by 50 percent. You could burn twice the amount of calories you normally burn by fidgeting.

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3) Genetic factors

Heard about ‘skinny genes’? Research says that there exists a set of genes (chromosome-16) that influence obesity and being skinny.

Most individuals inherit a pair of chromosomes with one gene from each parent. However, there are times when there are duplications or missing chromosomes. When there is a duplication of chromosome-16 in an individual, he or she is unlikely to gain fat. Those without the genes are at an increased risk of morbid obesity.

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4) Medical reasons for being skinny

Don’t start cursing your friend who is skinny. These skinny people may seem to be lucky but all are not blessed with the right genes and missing enzymes. They might be struggling to put on some weight due to an undiagnosed health problem.

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The reason why they are not able to gain weight can be undiagnosed diabetes, overactive thyroid glands (hyperthyroidism) and nutritional problems. These issues only increase the inability to put on weight especially if the person’s metabolism rate is already high.

Such people may appear healthy due to their slender figure but are at risk due to an underlying condition.

The bottom line

There are many reasons why some people stay skinny without dieting. Research scientists have found them out. You need to wait till all the knowledge is used in the favour of the poor guys and gals who simply keep piling on weight in spite of eating clean.

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