Perfect Body Image-How It Influences Your Psychology?


Perfect Body Image-How It Influences Your Psychology?

Have you noticed how perfect body images media uses? The women drinking packaged juice looks so glowing and fit that we all want to be like her! If she shows her abs, most of us would definitely keep aside the food that we are eating and aspire to be like her.

workout shorts women

Same is the guy story ! One hunk flaunts his abs in a deodorant ad and all guys want to be a macho man ! I am not saying that we should not aspire to improve but the idea of perfect body image irritates me.

The scale of perfection is relative but we fail to understand this little logic. In majority of the advertisements, the people whom we see on screen are not like one of us. Mostly you would see size 4-6 women on screen, although the average size of Indian women is not less than 10-12 n I can bet on that !

Perfect Body Image-How It Influences Your Psychology

Real women are of all shapes and sizes..

Like this…..

anamika iwb

 and this

kanan cherub

and this

My latest pic

 and this

tarun preet indian weight loss blog

P.S – This is a 2 year old piccy and now my hair is not all manageable like this 🙁 .  But since my face now is less ’round’ , I can bear if my hair refuse to cooperate 🙁

Anyway back to the topic, how do we react to this perfect body images? Some wierdo’s like me enjoy watching people and forget :P. 2 days back I was watching top less Hrithik in a song from Bang Bang without a break for about 1 hour! Of course we like to watch pretty people, but please do not associate yourself with characters that we see on the silver screen. Let me give you 2 practical examples –

In one of the Facebook group, a mom had written that her son had hurt his finger and when she asked the reason of this behavior, he said that the cartoon he has watched did the same n so he also did. Sure, in this example, you can still expect a kid to behave like this. The point I am trying to make here is that humans relate themselves to how they want to be, how they want to look like and this can cause some serious problems.

In another instance, a lady was so obsessed with a her body that she stopped eating. The doctors found a strange reason of her eating disorder. She hated the way she looked, simply because she was so inspired with someone who was hot as hell, she went to a limit where she felt disgraceful in her own self. How unfair is that ?

Please do NOT

  • Feel shame in accepting yourself.
  • Compare yourself with others
  • Stop eating
  • Overeat to beat depression
  • Give more attention to how attractive others are and not your own self !

Please DO

See a doctor if you feel you have lost confidence.

Speak to people who love you and would support you.

Love yourself more than anyone else , n yes I am that mean !

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