We Want Period Leave In India


Period leave in India

Menstrual cramps and stomach ache creates an ambiance which does not allow one to work in an enthusiastic mood rather than make you really feel exhausted and stressed. Menstrual periods don’t let women to work in a proper manner and hence it would be great if women employees will be given leave during first few days of periods.

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This concept of period leave was started back in 1920s and 1930s in Japan among various factory workers. Various women employees were young and suffer from lot of pain and cramps. Due to lack of proper sanitary facilities at that time, women employees there requested for period leaves for the first time. By following this trend, many countries and companies have adopted this procedure of imparting period leaves to women employees.

1. Japan

Menstrual leave process was started in Japan after World War II. It is a first country to adopt such a leave policy for the women employees keeping in mind the poor working conditions. Labor Standards Law in 1947 was passed in the country of Japan to adopt it legally. It states that working women who are suffering from extreme abdominal pain or menstrual cramps are allowed to have sick leave during those days.

2. Taiwan

Taiwan has recently adopted this menstrual leave concept legally. Country’s act of Gender equality in employment in 2013 states that every working women suffering from period pains will be getting 3 days of period leaves in a year, along with the addition of 30 days sick leave to all workers.

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3. Indonesia

According to the law in Indonesia, working women are entitled to take 2 days of period leave every month. This law is adopted and practiced by many companies but still there are companies where this law is simply ignored. It is important to create awareness among individuals that women actually need period leaves for their body to take rest and nourish properly.

4. South Korea

Law was passed in the country of South Korea to entitle women period leaves in the year 2001. According to this law, working women will be entitled to take 2 days leave per month during that period.

5. Various Chinese Provinces

Various Chinese provinces such as Anhui, Shanxi and Hubei also adopted this process of menstrual leave in their companies. But they have passed a regulation stating that every working woman will be entitled to take one or two days leaves only if they can provide proper medical certificate of suffering form extreme menstrual cramps and stomach ache. This help various women workers to relax and nourish their body during those periods when they actually feel quite uncomfortable working during those days.

Unfortunately, these are only few countries that have started following and adopting this leave policy of period leaves to women workers. There are many countries that are still not aware of these laws and actual subject of period leaves. It is very important for the women worker to stand up for their rights and ask for menstrual leave from their bosses and management so that it can be implemented in each and every country. We want Period Leave In India!

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