Pickle – The Culprit In Your Weight Loss Plan

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Pickle – The Culprit In Your Weight Loss Plan

I loved sweet mango pickle. The sweet and tangy honey colored syrup with mango pieces – heavenly. But before you start drooling over it, notice the use of past tense…I loved it till I got to know it was the reason why my weight was stuck! Let me tell you all about pickle – the culprit in your weight loss plan.

Yup, the pickles and papads that we are used to eating are loaded with salt, oil and sugar. These ingredients are what help in preserving the fruits and add shelf life to it. As per some studies, they are actually bad for people who are obese or have high blood pressure problem.

 Pickle – The Culprit In Your Weight Loss Plan

Pickle - The Culprit In Your Weight Loss Plan

Most of the pickles are prepared with oil and are soaked in it which increases the calorie content. When we count our calories we sometime avoid counting in aachar as the quantity is relatively less but you may be surprised that even a small helping can add up to 25 calories to your diet (depending on the pickle you choose and the oil content).

They are rich in sodium and lead to water retention. So if you have too much salt in your diet then it can make you bloat and increase the water weight in your body.

My favourite aachar is loaded with these culprits. It has oil, sugar and of course the sweetness of mango. Though I had cut off table sugar from my diet, I was still having it in the form of pickle without even realising it!

pickle weight loss culprit

Another side effect of having too much pickle regularly is that it can affect your digestive system. Have you observed your NRI friends and cousins? When they come to India, they are unable to digest the food and land up with an upset stomach. This is because their digestive system is no longer used to the Indian spices. Now imagine yourself as the NRI friend and pickle as the normal Indian food. When you consume it regularly and in large quantities, it is bound to disturb your system and can lead to diarrhea. So if you have to have pickle then restrict it to one small serving only.

If your diet is already high on salt and spices then adding pickle to it can also lead to kidney overload. This is because pickles are rich in sodium and increase the sodium content in your body which creates an imbalance in the body fluid. The kidney tries to filter out the excess sodium so that it can maintain the fluid balance and the blood pressure of the body. It works extra to remove the salt and this leads to kidney overload. So if you are already suffering from kidney problem then you must refrain from eating pickles. The high salt content leads to increase in blood pressure as well, making it bad for hypertensive patients.

I am not saying that you should avoid them completely and fight against your taste buds. All I am saying is that if you are on a weight loss plan then this is something you may want to avoid. I have not given up on my aam ka aachar altogether. I still have it with my meals but have restricted the quantity and have it very rarely. If you can’t eat without aachar then instead of the oil soaked ones, you can opt for dry pickle. You can also opt for vinegar onions or vegetables which are relatively better.