Pilates poses you can do in office


Pilates Poses That Can Be Done In Office!

Have you been stuck in the office for whole day and not getting time to go for gym? Then don’t worry there are certain Pilates exercises that can be incorporated in daily life to have better posture, strong abdominal muscles, mood relaxant, reduction of stress. These benefits will motivate you to indulge in the exercises even if you are not willing to go to gym.

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Therefore, if you are sitting at your workplace, there are certain Pilate’s exercises that will make you feel better.

1. Breathing Exercises

breathing exercise at office

The best exercise that can be done while sitting at your desk in a comfortable position is core breathing. Breathing involves the movement of diaphragm and ribs. Whenever you breathe, you should feel the expansion and relaxation with each deep breathe. This will help to reduce stress, tension and will definitely make you feel better. Steps to be followed while doing such exercises are:

• Keep your upper body straight and slowly inhale through your nose.
• Slowly exhale out from your mouth.
• Repeat this exercise for at least 10 times in a day.

2. Tilting of Chin:

The most simple and stress reliving exercise that can be done easily without taking much effort is Chin tilt. This exercise gives an immediate relaxation if you are sitting in front of computer from a very long time and your neck needs to relax.

• This exercise can be done by both ways either by sitting or by standing. There should be lot of space between your shoulders and ears.
• Nod your chin upward and downward in such a way so that you can feel the stretch in the neck and spine region of your body.
• Repeat this chin tilt exercise several times in office to relieve tension and stress.

3. Shoulder Shrugs:

shoulder shrug pilates at office

The best exercise to relax your shoulders and upper back is shoulder shrugs. This will even help you to attain good posture if you keep on doing this exercise for at least 5 times a day.

• Keep your body straight and in an upright position. Your shoulder and back should not bend backward. This exercise is done to activate your muscles.
• Slowly inhale through your nose and elevate your shoulders to the level near your ears.
• Slowly exhale out and relax your shoulders.
• Repeat this exercise for at least 5 times.

4. Stretching of Neck:

To relax your neck, spine and shoulder together, stretching of neck is the best exercise to reduce stress and tension from these areas of your body.

• Continue to sit or stand while keeping your body and head straight.
• Move your right and left ear towards your right and left shoulder respectively.
• Repeat this exercise 5 times to relax your upper body and overcome the tension in a better way.

5. Ankle stretch:

Seated arch stretch Exercises To Prevent Foot Injuries In Runners

This is a great move to relax your legs and ankle if you are sitting on a computer or a chair from a very long time.

• Cross your one leg over another leg at the knee.
• Keep your top away from your leg and stretch it back and forth in such a way that you feel a stretch.

Do try the above exercises!

Hope this post ‘Pilates poses you can do in office’ has been useful!

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