Pineapple Detoxification For Weight Loss -How Does It Work?


Check Out Pineapple Detoxification For Weight Loss!

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Detox diets are something that most people swear by. There is a lot of craze for detoxification these days. It is claimed that detox diets are helping people lose kilos easily and quickly. And whatever makes one lose weight is most welcome as many people are overweight these days!


However, you need to exercise caution while following any detox plan as during such a diet your body will be receiving inadequate amounts of nutrition. Though following a detox plan for a few days may not cause any long term harm to you, it can cause some unpleasant side effects.

What exactly are detox diets?

Before proceeding to pineapple detox diet let us see what detox diets actually are! You would have heard a lot about detox diets while reading magazines. They are followed in an attempt to lose weight fast. Detox diets focus on 1 or 2 food groups like only leafy green veggies, only fruits/fruit juices or just natural uncooked foods. In certain extreme versions of detox diets you are made to consume only liquids! Detox diets also make you avoid sugar, alcohol, caffeine and food additives.

There is no scientific evidence that your body requires detoxification, but some people may feel good after doing a detox diet as they feel that they have done something good for the body. Before you embark on any new diet plan it would be better to consult the doctor.

Pineapple detox diet


The pineapple detox diet is also called the 7 day detox diet. It is based on an unproved logic that pineapples contain enzymes that help boost weight loss. In the pineapple detox plan you need to drink only freshly made juices in the order you are prescribed. Every day you need to drink a different juice. One day you will be made to drink the juice made from fresh leafy green veggies and on another day you drink just pineapple juice. You would need to drink only juices for 7 days straight. Talk with your doctor before going on this diet. You need to be extremely cautious when you follow a diet that doesn’t let you have solid food.

pineapple-juice-to treat constipation

Side effects of detox diets

The term ‘detox’ may seem harmless to you but the fact is that it can have some really unpleasant side effects and have very little benefit to offer. Doctors are of the opinion that detox diets are not necessary as both the kidney and liver are quite effective in removing the toxins from your body. Side effects of detox diets include:

Most of the detox diets are so very low in calories and nutrients that stress your digestive system. Here are a few suggestions for detox diets that might be of help:

  • Follow a detox diet only for a short time period.
  • Exercise caution while on the diet.
  • Detox diets that allow consumption of solid food are the best. It is easier to follow a diet that allows you to eat veggies and fruits, healthy grains, protein and healthy oils.
  • Keep an eye on your nutrient intake.
  • Eating too much of fibre causes gas and discomfort and you should be ready for it.

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