How To Use Pinterest For Weight Loss?


How To Use Pinterest For Weight Loss?

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These days our lives revolve around the social media. You get all the information of what is happening around with the help of social media. There is facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram and what not! You spend quite a lot of time on all of them each day, don’t you?

pinterest for weight loss

Do you know that you can use social media for your benefit? Yes, those of you who want to lose weight can get help from pinterest. Many of you must be happily pinning pics on pinterest without knowing that they can help you shed kilos.

If are not very aware of pinterest, let me tell you that it is a virtual pinboard that shares photos. You can organize all your favouite stuff that you find interesting online. Coming to weight loss you can concentrate on pics related to workouts, recipes, motivational quotes etc.

An author Mitzi Dulan has come up with a book called ‘The Pinterest Diet’. In this book she has mentioned the importance of using pinterest for weight loss along with other techniques. Pinterest has loads of healthy recipes to offer that will you be helpful for weight loss. Apart from recipes it has millions of workout plans pinned on the virtual board too.

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Here is more on how to use Pinterest for weight loss

Creating life transformation boards

In the book- The ‘Pinterest Diet’ it has been mentioned that you need to create 5 transformation boards on Pinterest and they are:

1) MSF (Most Satisfying) Factor Foods

This board should have photos of foods that contain protein, healthy fat, fibre since they help in providing satiety.

2) Workout plans

Pin photos of individual exercises and daily workout plans.

3) Daily inspiration

Pin photos of motivational quotes so that they can inspire you each day. You can even pin photos of people who deeply inspire you.

4) In the Know

Stay aware of healthy stuff and pin photos of articles related to reducing stress, improving sleep or knowing about seasonal fruits and veggies.

5) Favourite products

You can pin the photos of your favourite products that you already own or want to own.

Pin pics everyday for 10 minutes

Pinterest is dynamic in nature. It keeps changing constantly just like how our lives do. Your life transformation boards should also change on a day to day basis. Try to pin at least one pic on one board a day. If possible pin onto all the five boards.

You must spend at least 10 mins every day to go through Pinterest and look at new and healthy recipes, exercises, motivational quotes, health bytes, products and stuff that strike your fancy. Look at your boards and what you have pinned on it every single day. The most important point here is that you must learn from the pics you pin on the boards. Don’t do it just for the sake of dong it. It should be done from your heart. When you spend time on Pinterest you are actually taking care of yourself. You are nourishing your mind as well as body. All this helps you in refocusing on your goals and staying determined to achieve them.

Will you use Pinterest for weight loss?

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