How Playing Video Games Make You Fat?


How Playing Video Games Make You Fat?

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How are you all doing? The heading of this post might be downright shocking but research says that it is true. It has been conducted at the University of Copenhagen and the research has found that playing computer games can actually make you fat!

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The study focused on causes of overeating and obesity. The two causes that surfaced up are playing video games and lack of sleep. The thesis that the researchers focused on was: playing video games has been linked to obesity in several observational studies. But, the relation between the sedentary activity and food intake remains a mystery. The objective of the study was to examine the effects of playing sedentary video games on various angles of energy balance.

The study involved 22 healthy male adolescents of ideal weight in Denmark. They were asked to complete two 1 hour sessions playing a game on Xbox 360 and take rest in sitting position. After this they were asked to have lunch. Researchers made note of the fact that a single session of playing video game is linked with an increase in food intake, regardless of any appetite sensations. The endpoints of the study were spontaneous food intake, energy expenditure, appetite sensations, stress markers and profiles of appetite related hormones.

The study conducted covers a very small ground as it focuses on teenagers of Denmark. They are different from the teens of other countries especially American.

New research has something more to warn! Young women who play video games for an hour each day are at an increased risk of gaining unhealthy weight. Women who spend 2 hours each day in playing video games are at a risk of gaining an additional 3.7 kgs after 5 yrs. The research says that no such effect was seen in men! So ladies, you need to be careful! It isn’t not just food that you need to pay heed to!

The research actually investigated if the amount of time the youngsters spend in emailing, playing computer games or chatting affects their BMI (Body Mass Index). The results showed that females of normal weight who played games on the computer for a minimum of one hour a day were more likely to become overweight when compared to women who did not play. As mentioned above the women can gain up to 3.7 kilos in a time period of five years. The calculation takes various risk factors into account like age, nature of work, sleep, physical activity and time spent on the computer.

The truth is that we all are leading very sedentary lives these days. You don’t chop wood or climb trees, do you? Most of us have a white collared job. Even working in the kitchen for ladies is super easy; we don’t use pestle like our grandmas to make chutneys these days! It is the age of ready-made and easy to cook stuff! While already leading sedentary lives if we spend extra time playing video games, we are bound to gain weight, aren’t we?

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