Polished Vs Unpolished Vs Organic Pulses/Daals-How To Choose?


Polished Vs Unpolished Vs Organic Pulses/Daals-How To Choose?

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Indian food is incomplete without dals and pulses. They are rich in protein. Considering that a large population in India is vegetarian, dals and pulses play an important role as source of protein. Nutrition and food industry is heading towards fancy foods like superfoods and fast food which is precisely junk. This has led to manipulation of all natural foods to make them look beautiful. People don’t really care if this beautification process removes nutrients from foods. People buy dals and pulses considering how shiny they are! Same goes for rice and many such food items.
Polished dals and pulses undoubtedly look more shiny and bright. But are these healthy? Let’s find out if polished or unpolished dals are healthy for you and your family!

Polished dals and pulses


When dals and pulses undergo polishing, the husk is removed to make them shiner and beautiful. Husk is natural fibre of dals and everyone knows how important is fiber for the body. So when you buy polished dals and pulses, you miss an important nutrient in your meals ie fibre.
Moreover substances like oils, colors and powders are used to polish dals and pulses to make them shinier. Sources of these substances is known only to the companies selling these dals and pulses. I am extremely skeptical about this entire process of polishing. Polished dals are usually cheaper than unpolished ones.

Unpolished dals and pulses

is polished dal unhealthy

These are expensive as compared to polished dals and pulses. They have their fiber intact, hence they don’t look as shiny and attractive. They have all the natural nutrients which are great for your health. This is the reason why unpolished dals and pulses should be opted even if they are a bit expensive.

Organic dals and pulses

organic dal

Organic dals and pulses are one level better than unpolished dals and pulses. These are grown in an organic way. This means that no chemicals have been used in the entire process. Usually pesticides, khaad etc that are used in growth of crops are made in factories and contain chemicals. The same chemicals reach our stomach through the yield. Organic dals and pulses are unpolished and are chemical free. Needless to say, organic dals and pulses are more expensive than unpolished and polished ones.

Is premium price of unpolished dals and pulses justified?

If you consider the health benefits of unpolished dals and pulses, they definitely are worth a premium price over unpolished dals and pulses. On the other hand, polishing process incurs cost, so if companies stop polishing process, people would be able to buy unpolished dals at a much lesser price than what they are paying for polished dals and pulses. But if companies do that, how will they charge premium on unpolished dals and pulses?

When you make certain product better by adding value to it, higher price is justified. When you charge premium for not degrading the product, is it justified? I feel it’s not ethical to charge people for not adding chemicals to their food !!

What do you think? Do drop in your comments.

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Which dal will you use- Polished, unpolished or organic?

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