How Pomegranate Flowers Can Control Diabetes?

Pomegranate flower

Find Out How Pomegranate Flowers Can Control Diabetes!

It’s the Pomegranate season where we see juices in line at the counters of the store as well the whole fresh fruits. We always knew pomegranate packed a god amount of health benefits but did you know the benefits of its flower? The link between Pomegranate flower and diabetes? Let us get a little deeper into the subject and find out how. If you are diabetic then pomegranate flowers can work the best way to control your blood glucose level. Have you heard of Pomegranate Tea? For me it’s a first timer. It’s typically made from dried and crushed pomegranate flowers. Many stores in US and UK houses these exotic teas along with beautiful flavors of as green, white, or oolong tea since the flavor of pomegranate tea is pretty strong. Whether pure or blended with other teas, pomegranate tea has been shown to offer some interesting health benefits.

Diabetes is a global health issue and one of the major diseases which affects half the Indian population,today. There is an early onset of diabetes in today’s generation of people. Blame it on lifestyle or diets. Pomegranates are considered a super food because it helps in blood circulation in your body. Its seeds are used for medicinal purposes. It has powerful antioxidants and vitamins and helps in healing almost every disease like, hemorrhoids, conjunctivitis, and osteoarthritis, lowers blood pressure, stimulates the immune system, wards off the flu, reduces inflammation, reduces risk of heart disease and lowers cholesterol. It reduces hot flush in the body, inflammation, reduces risk of heart disease and lowers cholesterol. Researchers found that drinking pomegranate juice reduced the uptake of oxidized “bad” LDL cholesterol by immune cells, which is a major contributing factor to atherosclerosis. Pomegranate at low dosages is also good for diabetics as the pomegranate sugar is not free (and harmful) but it is attached to the pomegranate’s unique phenolic antioxidants.

How useful is pomegranate flower?

Pomegranate fruit, pomegranate flowers

It is a known fact that uncontrolled diabetes can lead to oxidative stress, which causes damage to the brain cells, leading to cognitive impairment. Since pomegranate flowers are rich in antioxidants it helps in dealing with oxidative stress and hence, improves your brain function. A certain study states that supplementation of pomegranate flowers with anti diabetic medications not only decreased oxidative stress but also improved learning and memory performances of people suffering from diabetes. The study also proved that pomegranate flowers can be clinically used treat neuronal deficit in diabetic patients. Pomegranate flowers are prescribed in Unani as well as Ayurveda medications for the treatment of diabetes.

Usage of Pomegranate flower

Pomegranate flowers

If people suffering from diabetes supplement pomegranate flowers with antidiabetic medications it improves cognitive function. Including raw pomegranate flowers in your diet might help you to prevent diabetes and its health complications. Consult your doctor if you face or if you are allergic to pomegranate. He may help you with alternatives. Practitioners of Unani medicine (a form of traditional medicine largely based on based on the teachings of Greek physician Hippocrates) as stated above and Ayurveda healers in India have been using pomegranate flowers as a natural treatment for diabetes and insulin resistance for centuries.

Researchers have found that the pomegranate flower extract reduced ageing-induced insulin resistance, glucose concentrations during oral glucose tolerance test, and the adipose insulin resistance index. Since this experiment was not done on humans further investigations are still in the process for pre diabetic or post diabetic people.

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