5 Popular Marathons In India


5 Popular Marathons In India

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Do you love running? Do you run for fitness and weight loss? If yes, then you might just love to know about the famous marathons in India. Running has indeed become the in thing these days. People from all the walks of life are actively taking part in marathons. So, here we go!

1) Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon

Mumbai marathon- 5 Popular Marathons In India

The Mumbai marathon creates waves every year! It is the biggest running event in Asia that takes place in Mumbai on the 3rd Sunday of every January. It is the largest in terms of participation and magnitude.

It is also the richest marathon race in India with the prize being $350,000! Each year you can see a lot of Bollywood celebrities, sports stars and business tycoons taking part in the event. It is one of the much awaited occasions for runners.

There are 6 different categories in this marathon:

  • Full marathon- 42.194 km
  • Half marathon-21.097 km
  • Dream run- 6 km
  • Senior citizens race- 4.3 km
  • Champions with disability category- 2.4 km
  • DHL Corporate champions- 42.195 km, 4 person relay

2) Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

Airtel Delhi marathon- 5 Popular Marathons In India

In Delhi, the Airtel Half Marathon is the 2nd biggest running event in spite of being just a half distance marathon, the event has a lot of participation. It is a much awaited event in Delhi. In the 2014 marathon 32,500 runners took part! The event is attended by sports stars and Bollywood personalities each year.

The marathon has four categories and they are:

  • The half marathon
  • The 7km Great Delhi run
  • 4.3 km senior citizen run
  • 3.5 km wheelchair race

The race has a total prize money of $262,167 with every winner getting around $4,000 each.

3) Chennai Trail Marathon

Chennai Trail marathon- 5 Popular Marathons In India

One of the most fascinating marathons in India is the Chennai Trail Marathon as the entire race takes place on a trail instead of the hard surface provided usually. It offers various challenges. It is organized by the Chennai trekking club. The marathon has 3 categories:

  • Half marathon
  • Full marathon
  • 50k

The route is based around a scenic lake, canyons and a forest, making this race one of the most beautiful races in our country.

4) Airtel Hyderabad Marathon

Airtel Hyderabad marathon- 5 Popular Marathons In India

Hyderabad is rapidly turning into one of the running hubs of India. The Airtel Hyderabad marathon is one much awaited event of the city and is one of the most challenging ones as the city has a hilly terrain.

The marathon has 3 categories:

  • Full marathon
  • Half marathon
  • 5k

It is organized by a group of runners and is planned carefully in order to cater the need of the runners’ community. The marathon is a very popular one amongst runners in India.

5) Pune inetrnational Marathon

Pune International marathon- 5 Popular Marathons In India

The Pune international Marathon is held every year usually in the last month. The 29th edition of the marathon was held in 2014 and that attracted a lot of national and international runners.

The Pune International Marathon has 4 categories:

  • Full marathon
  • Half marathon
  • 10 k
  • Charity run

The marathon has been successful in funds for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention and for other charitable causes. It is one of the much awaited running events in the country and it takes people round the city.

So, these were the most popular marathons in India.

Happy running!



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