Positive Vibes – How To Bring Them Into Your Life?

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How To Bring Positive Vibes Into Your Life?

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You want to be happy in life, right? Here are some awesome and easy ways to invite positive vibes to your life!

1) Aromatherapy

essential-oils-to relieve stress

It is a fact that you like to smell good always. Scents like lavender, thyme, rose and citrus smell heavenly and have some holistic benefits that will help in healing or lifting up your spirits. The simplest way to add essential oils to your routine in the morning is by applying small drops on pulse points, just like how you use a perfume. At night you can add some drops of the scent to your pillow case or to the bucket of water you are going to bathe with before sleeping.

2) Yoga

Everybody swears by yoga these days and most of them know the asanas pretty well. This ancient tradition of India is a boon to mankind. Yogis have been doing it for thousands of years. Yoga is the thing you should go for if you want to tone up your spirituality. It helps exercise your soul with all the mantras, asanas and breathing exercises.

3) Chant Mantras

Basically a mantra is a group of words having spiritual power. It helps in motivating, inspiring, healing and calming the mind. You can chant something as basic as a ‘Gayatri Mantra’. It is a simple way to bring in positivity in your life. Fix a time for chanting mantras every day and follow it as a ritual to bring in positive vibes.

4) Meditation

meditation-for fitness

A lot of people these days are doing meditation. It is a spiritual ritual that can be included in your daily routine very easily. You just need 20 mins twice a day to rest, recharge and reset your mind, soul and body. You can actually connect with your inner self with meditation. Practicing meditation can bring a lot of positive changes in you.

5) Give self-help a priority

You need not hide your self-help book when you happen bump into someone you know. It was once thought that self help books are for the troubled souls and you don’t want to reveal that to people. However, with changing times it is commonplace to read self-help books to enhance your soul. It is something like food for the soul. So purchase self help books and stack them in your book shelf with pride. Self-help and spirituality belong to the same family. Allot sometime for reading such books.

6) Try holistic healing

Naturopathy alternative medicine

Not ready to pay a visit to your doctor and pop in strong pills? Don’t worry as you have a lot of holistic options to get back on the health track. There is acupuncture, reiki, massages, homeopathy, naturopathy and of course our very own Ayurveda. The different holistic healing options are capable of removing your ailment from its roots unlike allopathy. Do try the other systems of medicine and see the difference!

7) Use crystals

You must be having a crystal in your home. There can be emerald or rubies. Crystals as jewellery are very much in fashion. Moreover, they are an awesome way of adding spirituality to your home or your outfit. People wear their birthstones to bring luck and well-being into their lives. It is said that by holding a crystal you can regain energy, purpose and focus.

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