Post Lunch Dip – What Is It?

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What Is Post Lunch Dip?

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Tell me honestly, do you feel like working at your desk after downing 2 aloo paranthas for lunch? All you would think is how great things would be if you could curl up in your own bed. Does this happen to you often? Do you feel guilty about it? Are your colleagues making you the laughing stock of office? Too many questions 😛

The good news is that it happens to almost everyone and the actual question is why does it happen? Is it due to over-eating or the types of foods we choose or due to something else?

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What is the post lunch dip?

According to most nutritionists and dieticians, it is quite normal to feel sluggish after lunch. This phenomenon is so commonplace that there exists a term for it called ‘post lunch dip’.

There exist a lot of factors that contribute to this slump. The most common of them all is the process of digestion itself. When the process of digestion is on, numerous chemical changes take place in the body and that causes a huge portion of energy to get diverted to help with digestion.

Since your digestive system works overtime to break down food consumed and many metabolic processes kick in, the other brain and bodily function turn slower. This slowing down can give an individual a lethargic feeling.

Feel good hormones also matter

Another reason why you feel like a slug post-lunch is the spike in insulin production. The insulin production is more when you consume fatty and sugary foods. The levels of hormones such as serotonin and melatonin get elevated as a result. The feel good hormones are said to have a calming effect on the brain and also play a vital role in regulation of sleep.

Studies also prove that some foods may increase your drowsiness and make you want to fall asleep. For example, foods rich in carbs and proteins trigger the release of hormones that make you sleepy.

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Sleeping patterns matter

Another reason for your post-lunch slump that can be quite surprising is your sleeping pattern. It is actually very natural for you to feel like going to sleep 7 hours after you have woken up. It is said that the internal rhythmic cycles of the body enter the resting phase at this time i.e. lunch time. Being coupled with other physiological processes, it marks the beginning of your craving to sleep.

What is advised?

If you don’t want to get into your boss’s bad books and improve your productivity at work, it would be wise enough to stop over-eating and avoid foods with too much of sugar or fats. It would be wise enough to have something comparatively lighter for lunch and definitely skip the rasmalai. You can have them when you are off during weekends so that nobody will stop you from napping.

Hope you found this post on post lunch dip useful!

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